The Associates

Name: Vinnie
Type:  Cross-dressing Hit Man
Occupation: Confidential
Hobbies:  Wearing women's clothing, arts and crafts, shopping, and hunting

Name: Vic
Type:  Garden Gnome
Occupation: Supplier
Hobbies: Leading the Gnome Liberation Front, gardening, torture

Name: Supermodel Clones
Type:  Supermodel Clones
Occupation: Supermodel Clones
Hobbies: Shopping, getting new clothes, washing their hair

Name: Billy Jo
Type:  Squirrel
Occupation: Security Guard
Hobbies: Climbing trees, hiking, fishing, making home movies

Name: Bubba
Type:  Giant Emperor Penguin
Occupation: Uncertain
Hobbies: Eating

Name: Stan
Type:  Ferret/Weasel
Occupation: Computer Technician
Hobbies: Computers,
fireworks, spy networks, cheese crackers

Name: Murry
Type:  Demonic, Possessed
Skull from the Underworld
Occupation: Lampshade
Hobbies:  Yelling, screaming, making fun of people, shouting, and music

Name: Al Broker
Type:  Two-Headed Monkey Robot
Occupation: Accountant/Gambler
Hobbies: Math, cooking, reading/Poker, rummy, slot machines

Name: Mr. Packard
Type: Human
Occupation: Mailman
Hobbies: Delivering mail in rain or shine, sleet or snow, torturing small dogs, winning Brad Pitt look-alike contests

Type: Blow-up Doll
Occupation: Roseidous' personal assistant
Hobbies: Getting dressed up, spending time with Roseidous, avoiding pins and helium tanks