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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-Are the Tri-Leaders real?

A-No. The Tri-Leaders, Associates, and everyone else in the library are fictional characters. They were created by a group of online friends.

Q-Oh. So, who are you people, really?

A-We're really Margie (Roses), Laura (Ann Chovi), Jasy (Roseidous), Holly (Holli), Liese (Tails), Eric (Tyrael), John, Katherine, Lawren (Ilinana), Adam (Nothlit), Ruben (Cait), Chris (TAS), Zach (Yoda) and Todd. Some of us are in college; some are in high school.

Q-Wow, there's that many of you? So where did you meet?

A-We met at an internet messageboard for a book series called Animorphs. It seems that we've been stuck together ever since.

Q-There are way more characters than there are people in that list. Explain that.

A-Occasionally, another of our friends will be put in a story or write something for us. But they're usually minor roles. Most of our characters are completely fictional.

Q-Where did you get the idea for the Tri-Leaders?

A-Honestly, they just appeared one day. Jasy, we think it was, asked everyone how old they were. The three oldest people, he called the Tri-Leaders. We started writing stories using our screen names, and the Tri-Leaders were born.

Q-Who are the Tri-Leaders?

A-The Tri-Leaders are Ann Chovi, Roses, and Roseidous.

Q-Who are the Junior Tri-Leaders?

A-The Junior Tri-Leaders are Holli, Tails, and Tyrael.

Q-What do the Tri-Leaders do?

A-The Tri-Leaders are trying to take over the world. They have help from the Junior Tri-Leaders and their associates. They use weapons, threats, and the coal mines to make people conform to their plans.

Q-Weapons? What weapons?

A-Their most important weapon is the genetically altered Oreo cookie. Anyone who eats a special Oreo will be turned into a random animal, person, or inanimate object for an undefined length of time. The Tri-Leaders also use weapons such as rope, handcuffs, whips, pointy sticks, and duct tape.

Q-Who are your associates?

A-The Associates are various people/animals/objects that help the Tri-Leaders on their quest to dominate the world. They each have a special talent that is useful.

Q-Who is John?

A-John is the rival of the Tri-Leaders. He wants to stop their plans to take over the world. But don't be fooled. He's not the hero; he just wants to rule the world for himself.

Q-Who are John's associates?

A-John's associates are various people that help him out. Like the Tri-Leader associates, each member of John's team has a special skill.

Q-Who is Katherine?

A-Katherine works for the Tri-Leaders and for John. Depends on which way the wind is blowing. Katherine is John's daughter. But she's also only a few years younger than him because of the time-travel incident.

Q-What do you mean, time travel?

A-Nothing is typical in the Tri-Leader world. Katherine's mother tried to genetically age Katherine so that she could be old enough to annoy John and distract him. Unfortunately, Katherine was only aged a little and got sent back in time. But at least she still gets to annoy John.

Q-Who are the Pizza Boys?

A-The five Pizza Boys run the Pizza Delivery Service in town. They sometimes help out the Tri-Leaders, and sometimes help out John. But they always deliver the pizza in 20 minutes or less.

Q-The Library, that's where all the stories are?

A-Yep, check out that part of the site. The stories are on the bookshelf in chronological order. There's other helpful stuff like a timeline, character database, and Cliff's Notes.

Q-Do I need to read them in order?

A-That's entirely up to you. We recommend you at least start with the Cliff's Notes. *Secret Fact* The stories were not written in order. When we first started writing them, they were never even meant to go together. Some have been altered from their original versions to fit into the Tri-Leader universe.

Q-What are all these weird references in the books to things that I don't understand?

A-Most likely they're references to book series or TV shows that we watch. You'll often find allusions to Animorphs, Everworld, So Weird, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Kevin Smith movies.

Q-What other stories are you writing?

A-Well, because we didn't start with the first books in the series, we're working backwards. In progress books are EVIL Elementary, The Origin, The Saga of Ann Chovi, and The Tri-Leaders. They are in the Library, but they aren't finished.

Q-So if the first ones aren't finished yet, will I be confused?

A-Well, maybe. The Cliff's Notes explain everything, though. Not in detail, but it's helpful.

Q-You're saying, I should start with the Cliff's Notes?


Q-Are you writing any more stories?

A-Yes. But as of now, only two more books are planned in our world.

Q-Can I be a character and/or write something?

A-Now there's a debate. If you can prove that you know all about the Tri-Leaders and that your character should be in our stories, then talk to us about it.

Q-What are these quotes from the Meetings?

A-They're just random chats that the Tri-Leaders had together. Stuff we thought was funny.

Q-Support the Tri-Leaders, what is that?

A-You can take one of our buttons and download it to your site. (No stealing bandwidth!) Link back to us and maybe we won't throw you in the coal mines one day.

Q-What is "It Will Not Change Me?"

A-Margie (Roses) owns, and that's her personal site. It has her online journal, her art, and an extensive non-Tri-Leader quote section.


A-You can email Roses ( or Ann ( if you need to get in touch with us.

Q-Do you accept American Express?


Q-I think Roseidous is hot. What's his phone number?


Q-What are you people talking about?

A-Still confused? Then maybe our world isn't for you. But don't worry, we confuse ourselves sometimes.

Q-Who let the dogs out?

A-We may have done a lot of things, but that really wasn't us.

Q-Where do babies come from?

A-Ask your parents.


A-That is not a question.