The EVIL Series

Meet Roses, Ann, Roseidous, Holli, Tails, Tyrael, John, Katherine, and everyone else. It is once again time for school, and the year is getting off to a good start, sprinkler systems included. Join a group of friends, enemies, and classmates as they make their way through yet another year with strange teachers, unusual classes, and maybe even some newts. But be careful, the final project in Mr. Snape's class may lead to a whole lot more trouble than expected. Those memory potions sure can get out of hand.

(In progress)

The Origin

What happens after the EVIL Elementary School blows up and the students and teachers lose their memories? Well, all of our characters end up leading completely separate lives, of course. They split up and go their own ways. Especially John. This is his story. This is how he became a Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!).

(In Progress)


It's time for high school, and who says that memory charms can keep people apart? Fate is more powerful than potions, anyway. We know what happened to John, but what about everyone else? Slowly but surely, they will all reunite. But will they still be friends? Oh, they’ve had fairly normal lives. School, birthdays, ribbon dancing, pet bunnies, and spy cameras. And something about a lab in the desert…

The Albuquerque Saga

Roseidous has an unexpected surprise for his birthday. But it’s not for him; it’s for the rest of the world. When Roses and Roseidous start the Evil Rose Resistance and kidnap a community leader, will their classmates try to help them, or try to stop them? And what exactly is going on between Tails and Tyrael and those monkeys?

The Saga of TAS-man

It seems that Roses is really stuck this time. Literally. Who can save her? When no one else seems to notice her absence, it's up to TAS and Cait to figure out a plan. Can they do it? Maybe they can, if they're not too distracted by Holli's pens. Or those cookies. Or those video games. Or….


If you really want to know, it's the Roseidous, Holli, Tyrael, Roses, Crayak, Jaina, Pen, Bunny Saga. It's just another day in high school. Until Roseidous and Tyrael get detention with Holli and start throwing around a pen. The pen starts a chain of events leading to other-worldly beings, dead bunnies, and a portal to another universe. Not to mention Roses, who finally gives up on TAS and Cait and rescues herself. Can they survive in an alternate dimension? Who will rescue them and bring them back? Certainly not TAS and Cait. At least, they hope not.

The Saga of Ann Chovi

Ann’s the only person who’s been missing from the whole picture. So what’s she been doing? Spending quality time with her family, of course. Reunions, Christmases at Grandma’s, a rivalry with her cousin, Jan. Seems she’s the only normal one. Except for those Keebler Elves, the map to Atlantis, the Moonbase, and her friend Ron Dayvoo. Guess she’s not so normal after all.

Plan Take Over the World

After the RHTRCJPB incident, Roses wants nothing more to do with any of her male friends. Therefore, it's a girl's only party at her new house. She invites all of her friends, including her new best friend, Ann. Food, movies, music, the works. Talking all night, prank phone calls, and makeovers. But what happens when all that talk leads to real ideas? And what happens when the prank calls become real pranks and road trips….to other dimensions? It's up to Roses to face the guys and go save the day. But she can't do it alone…

The Tri-Leaders

Roses, Ann, and Roseidous become a triumvirate with the goal of taking over the world. What else is new? Meet the Associates, the Junior Tri-Leaders, the Pizza Boys, and the townspeople. Visit Camp Milk and Cookies, the Fortress, the Moonbase, the Coalmines, and the Pizza Shop. The Tri-Leaders are busily setting up their plans, but, unexpectedly, a rival appears. It’s John, and he’s going to take over the world before they can. Welcome to the world of the Tri-Leaders, and welcome to a showdown in the streets of town.

Adventures in Time and Space

Roseidous plans a party for all of his friends to celebrate a safe return from all of the previous sagas. And to show off his new fortress, along with all of its features, including a strange new machine in the basement. Who would have thought that a giant toilet could lead to alternate realities? And besides, aren't they all tired of time travel, anyway? But now, it's different. Our adventurers must face their own realities, worlds that are falling apart in front of their eyes. Can they get out in time? And if they can't, what will happen to them? (Some parts incomplete)

A World Where Women Rule

After failing to escape from their separate worlds, Roseidous, and everyone else end up in the same one. When his spaceship crashes on a strange planet, Roseidous finds out that this world is not quite right. At least, not for him. It's a world where women are in charge and men are their slaves. Can he make it out before he's caught? Or will he have to face the queen and be her slave forever?

The Trial of Roseidous

Order in the court! You will now hear evidence in the case of Holli vs. Roseidous. A crime was committed at Roses' latest party. It is up to the community to decide who did it. Is Rosey guilty? Or was it Tyrael, in the dining room, on the table? Was it Crayak in the laundry room, by the washing machine? Katherine, in the bedroom, with a knife? No one really knows because Ann spiked the punch. Read as a host of witnesses tell their own stories. But nothing is really as it seems, and the shocking verdict will surprise everyone.

The Good, the Bad, the Abnormal

Finally, a little relaxing campfire party in the woods. Time for a little discussion. Life, the universe, and where exactly did you come from? Holli, Tails, and everyone else share their personal life stories. Well, they share the ones they remember. Too bad they don't know their true history together. No adventure, no excitement, no alternate universes…but plenty of marshmallows!

The Saga of John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!)

John has a brilliant idea. He’s going to take over the world with a video game. Crapomon, to be exact. It will brainwash the adults and children of the world into being his servants. He even has help from Ian, Ilinana, Fitey, and Katherine. Those Tri-Leaders won’t try to stop him, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Christmas at Ann's Moonbase

The Tri-Leaders have established themselves and their plans to take over the world. But no taking over right now, it's Christmas time! And that means it's off to Ann's Moonbase for the annual Christmas dinner and presents. Join the Tri-Leaders, the Associates, and maybe even Santa for some holiday fun. Beware the food fights.

The Saga of John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!) 1.5: The Return of John

You only thought John was gone. But he’s had plenty of time to think. His new idea? Find the legendary Tangerine Hologram Watch and ask it how to take over the world. That means a journey to another planet and time spent with all of his allies. Even some who want him to fail. Can he get the watch before Ian blows anything up? Before he gets caught by the natives? Before the Tri-Leaders find out? Well, probably not, but he’s going to try!

Rosey's Birthday Book

It's Roseidous birthday, and the other Tri-Leaders have planned a surprise party. One that involves sneaking around in the middle of the night, extreme secrecy, and even a little breaking and entering. How else can they get into the fortress? If you ever wanted to know what the fortress is really like, now you have your chance. The party is in full swing, but will the appearance of John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!) ruin the fun? Nah.

Holli's Birthday Book

Since Rosey's surprise party was such a success, the Tri-Leaders attempt another one for Holli's birthday. The trouble is keeping it a secret. Especially when the secret is told to an unreliable person. It's very hard to hide the Tri-Leaders, Associates, Pizza Boys, and Katherine in the same camp. Along with the food and decorations. And there must be some way to prevent John from trying to crash the party. Maybe if they recognize his birthday, too. Can they pull it off without getting completely confused?

A Tri-Leader Wedding

Roses and Roseidous are set up on blind dates. Little do they know that the dates are with each other. Can an evening that starts out to be a disaster turn into a friendship? Or even something more? Are they crazy? Well, either that, or that was some good stuff the cashier put in those drinks. The wedding plans are set, the people have arrived, and there's romance in the air. Or was that just perfume? Will the Tri-Leaders make it down the isle, run away in terror, or be forced apart by John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!)?

The Newlywed Game

Now that all the Tri-Leaders are married, where can they go for a honeymoon? The Newlywed Game Show, of course! Little do they know that the host has been kidnapped and replaced by someone who wants to see their happiness destroyed. Will John succeed? Well, not likely. But there's always hope.

To The Barricades!

A musical! Yes, the Tri-Leaders can sing and dance. John has been thrown into the coal mines after trying to break up the Tri-Leaders' marriages and now leads a resistance movement among the workers. Or tries too, anyway. The Tri-Leaders get tired of him and throw him out, only to have him go right back to plotting against them. He builds a barricade at the Morphz messageboard and takes control of it. The Tri-Leaders must go defeat him before he gains any power. Where is Jeff when you need him?

The Tri-Leaders On Vacation

After the whole barricade incident, the Tri-Leaders decide to go on vacation to Hawaii. Sun, surf, sand, and John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!) await them on the islands. The Pizza Boys and Katherine are there, too. Can they make it through the vacation? Will they be able to travel together without hurting each other? Maybe. But there's something wrong with Roses, she's acting strange. Maybe this vacation will cheer her up. Or maybe it will reveal something that no one ever expected…something that will change their lives….

John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!) The Novel

The Tri-Leaders are having a Prom. Yes, a Prom. With a theme and everything. But what story would be complete without John? Of course he’s going to ruin the dance, or at least try to. Little does he know, the dance will try to ruin him, too. When it succeeds, what’s left for him to do? Other than take over the world, of course. With a secret plan, an army of Hot Dog Men, and a determination fueled by insanity, things look bad for the world. He might even win. But at what cost?

Johanna, Lady of Darkness

Meet the woman formerly known as John, Lord of Darkness (dramatic reverb). After Katherine and the Neuter-lizer helped her to discover her true self, she's just looking for a little love. COMING SOON SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE.

The Tri-Leaders On Vacation. Yes, Again.

The Tri-Leaders head off on another vacation to Roses' favorite place in the world! Disney World! Rides, shows, happy singing, and wheelchairs abound! See what happens when the Tri-Leaders and Associates invade the Happiest Place on Earth.

JohnWorld 3006

Starring John, John, John, John, and Jim, JohnWorld takes place after a Sario Rip forces a very unlikely group of, well, Johns into the future. But the future is not a very welcoming place. In a war-torn environment, the Johns search for ways to escape, ways to survive, ways to help, and even ways to rule it all.

COMING SOON ONE DAY: (all titles unofficial and likely to change)

Chasing Ebony
The Day of Reckoning
The Return of Dark Shadow
A Destiny Fulfilled
Keeping Watch


The Tri-Leader Dictionary and Reference Guide

Exactly what the title says. A handy alphabetical listing of people, places, and things in the Tri-Leader universe.

Murry's Book of Jokes and Nasty Comments For Kids

Murry is a demonic, possessed skull from the underworld. He is an associate of the Tri-Leaders and felt left out because he didn't have a book of his own. This is it.

Bubba's World Tour: A Photo Album

Bubba is a well-traveled associate of the Tri-Leaders. He enjoys trips to other countries and also likes participating in their cultural activities. This book is a record of his journeys.

Bubba Good Touch, Bubba Bad Touch

Bubba is a Giant Emperor Penguin who loves hugs. A little too much.

Tyrael and Rosey's Day Downtown

How much trouble can two guys get into in one day? With these two, a lot. Read about their adventures on the bus, in a dance club, and even in a police car.

The Tri-Leader ABC Book

Not your typical ABC Book, the Tri-Leaders have their own version