Note: Some dates are, in fact, accurate. Most, however, are made up because the stories were not written in order. The timeline is as complete as it can be for now. You will notice that some of the stories are not in the library. That is because they are not written yet. But they have been planned out.


June 18, 1979: Molly, the wayward time traveler, and her time machine "Old Betsy" travel to a circus. She meets one member of a clown quartet named Ringo, the Eternally Happy, and they dance the Dance of Eternal Happiness. They fall in love, but sadly must go their separate ways.

February 10, 1980: John, another member of the clown quartet, is killed. Ringo quits the circus. Molly is ready to stop time traveling.

May 15, 1980: Ringo proposes to Molly at the local Showbiz Pizza.

November 15, 1980: Molly and Ringo get married.

January 28, 1982: Molly and Ringo's twins, Roses and Ann, are born.

April 29, 1986: John is born. He is Ringo's pride and joy. Molly, Ann, and Roses resent this.

September 22, 1988: Molly finds and adopts Roseidous. Sibling rivalry continues to grow between John and the other three.

June 3, 1989: Molly and Ringo use Old Betsy to go back in time to solve an argument, but something goes wrong. They don't come back.

June 4, 1989: Ann and Roses are placed with a foster family in their own neighborhood. Roseidous is adopted by the family a few houses down the street. John finds a home a few blocks away.

Fall 1987-Summer 1993: All the children in the neighborhood attend the EVIL school as soon as they are old enough. Time passes peacefully. John gets to skip some grades because he really is a genius.

September 1, 1993: Ann, Roses, and Roseidous are now in sixth grade. John is in fifth. It is the first day of a new school year, and that means a new year of fun with their friends, new teachers, and even more opportunities to get John in trouble.

October 18, 1993: At lunch, Roses and company follow Umar into some tunnel system beneath the school. They all get detention, and Umar disappears.

October 25, 1993: Auditions for the school play.

November 18, 1993: Opening night of the play, Hamelt, is a disaster.

November 20, 1993: The review of the play in the local paper is bad, to say the least. It starts to snow.

??? Other events of the school year--in progress.

? 1994: The fifth and sixth grade classes attend the school dance.

May 25, 1994: Professor Snape's final exam, a memory potion, goes horribly wrong. Someone's cauldron explodes, every person in the entire school loses his or her memories, and the EVIL school must be closed. In fact, the potion affects the entire neighborhood. Every family goes its separate way.

June 18, 1995: Ann arrives at the Chovi house, where she is adopted.

June 19, 1995: Ann meets Jan Chovy for the first time.
Various events from the Saga of Ann Chovi to be included here.

September 16, 1999: John runs away from his foster parents to find his destiny.

October 8, 1999: In Leonardo, New Jersey, John meets Ian and Silent Jim and recruits them as followers.

December 15, 1999: Ann visits a club in Hell. John happens to be in the same club. They do the Dance of Eternal Happiness and regain their memories from Elementary School. Ann slips on the way out of the club, and forgets everything she just remembered. The thing she slipped on hits John and he forgets, too.

January 1999-April 2000: John attends Evil School, which is in another dimension. He meets and falls in love with Ebony. The students have a lot of fun and adventures.

April ?, 2000: John and Ebony attend the Pan-Evil Prom.

May ?, 2000: John's class graduates from Evil School.

June-July 2000: John and Ebony make plans to take over the world. They begin to build a robot army.

Late July 2000: Katherine is conceived.

February 19, 2001: Roses attends her first day at her new high school and makes some friends. When asked, she tells them that she doesn't remember her childhood and that she is adopted.

February 22, 2001: Lone buys a Sexy Orange Hat.

February 23, 2001: Holli, Tails, and Tyrael debate telling something important to Roses. Bunny escapes from him cage in the science room.

March 2, 2001: The group plays practical jokes on Roseidous all day long in honor of his upcoming birthday. Bunny is found. The group reveals to Roses that they also have no childhood memories. The girls have a sleepover, which the guys invade. There are water balloon and silly string fights.

March 3, 2001: After helping to clean up, Roseidous takes Roses to his secret lab in the desert. Holli leaves for her vacation.

March 4, 2001: Roseidous' birthday. On their spring break, he and Roses begin the Albuquerque Plan by capturing Tyrael, reprogramming him into thinking he's a dog, and taking him to their secret base.

March 5, 2001: During the night, Roses and Roseidous make Tyrael clones with the brains of dead hamsters. Tyrael can do nothing except say 'Yeep!' Yoda and Dahjo realize Tyrael needs help and send Tails to steal the Sexy Orange Hat from Lone.

Later, March 5, 2001: Tails rescues Tyrael, saving him with the Sexy Orange Hat. They escape with help from Fitey, who flies in with a helicopter, crashing it on the roof.

March 7, 2001: Roses and Roseidous capture Jeff from the messageboard and force him to train their army of clones to take over Albuquerque.

March 8, 2001: Tyrael learns of the new plans and recruits Kelly to help him find new members for the resistance. Tails finds information about the legendary Tangerine Hologram Watch. John also learns of the plans; he and Ebony take their robot army to Albuquerque to profit from the chaos.

March 9, 2001: Tyrael leaves in his spaceship and goes to the planet, Whydontyoueatyourveggies, where he finds the Tangerine Hologram Watch and listens to its wisdom. Kelly, while searching for new members, discovers an ancient scroll with a mysterious message.

March 10, 2001: Roses and Roseidous attempt to take over Albuquerque, but Tyrael and Tails arrive with an army of baby cannibal monkeys. The fighting continues until the prophecy on the scroll comes true. Guilianna appears from the sky and makes Jeff realize he must save the city. Jeff deletes everything. John and Ebony's robot army is also deleted; John goes insane.

March 11, 2001: Everyone's spring break is over and they must return to school. Holli is back from her vacation. School seems to be going well until Cait Sith realizes that Roses got stuck in Roseidous' hair when they were deleted. He calls for help.

March 11, 2001, somewhere else: TAS-man gets a call that Roses needs help. He immediately leaves and tries to rescue her with the help of Cait Sith. They are distracted, however, because TAS's Mommy makes cookies and they leave to have a party at TAS's house.

March 11, 2001, back at school: Roseidous, Tyrael, Holli, and Jaina have detention. Bunny, the class pet, dies. Crayak appears. Roses rescues herself. Pen comes to life. Roseidous' hair creates a portal to another dimension and everyone ends up being pulled into it.

March 11, 2001, nighttime: Roses realizes the new dimension they are in is called Clyattville. She comes up with a plan to get them out. The boys bury Bunny. The group reaches the radio tower and sends out a message for help.

March 12, 2001: While sleeping, TAS receives a vision of Bunny. He and the newly named Cait-Dog read a message and must go save the people trapped in Clyattville.

March 13, 2001: Ebony and John have a fight because John is now insane and says something very bad about women in general. Or something. Ebony leaves, vowing to kill John if she ever sees him again.

March 15, 2001: After several days, and after surviving a trip to Lowes, TAS-man and Cait-Dog "rescue" everyone. Roses moves to Budapest, refusing to ever speak to Roseidous, Tyrael, and Crayak again.

April 13, 2001: Over in Europe, Roses meets a girl named Ann Chovi and they become best friends. Ann is a technological genius, who has a spaceship and a moonbase. She also happens to look a lot like Roses.

April 16, 2001: Katherine is born. Ebony lets John know he has a daughter. Then she tries to genetically age her to be 10 years old because she wants Katherine to cause as many problems for John as possible. Something goes wrong, and Katherine is sent back in time at the age of five. Ebony figures she can annoy John just as well wherever she ends up (even if that is elementary school), and goes into isolation in a spooky castle in Clyattville.

April 22, 2001: Roses has a big party at her house and invites only the girls. Holli comes up with a plan to take over the world. They have fun and enjoy making prank calls to the guys. Everyone goes to the bookstore, another portal to a different dimension opens, and Roseidous and Pen are pulled inside. Roses refuses to help everyone else with the rescue mission and goes home.

May 6, 2001: Roses gets an email from Holli, asking for her help. She reluctantly calls TAS and Cait and they make plans.

May 7, 2001: Roses, TAS, and Cait fly to the island and rescue everyone else.

May 8, 2001: Roseidous uses his island treasure to purchase a fortress off the coast. He starts work on the supermodel clones.

May 11, 2001: Dahjo moves to a new town, Lone tells them they're all crazy and need to stop bothering her, and Fitey mysteriously disappears.

May 18, 2001: TAS and Cait set up a Pizza Shop in TAS's Mommy's garage. They hire Yoda and Nothlit to work with them.

May 25, 2001: Roseidous calls Ann and Roses to his new Fortress and they become the Tri-Leaders, bend on world domination. They agree to find and hire associates, buy a camp in the woods (complete with coal mines), and use Ann's Moonbase to make genetically-altering Oreo cookies.

June 4, 2001: Todd moves to town. While looking for a part-time job, he finds a position at the Pizza Shop.

June 12, 2001: The Tri-Leaders interview potential associates, but end up with the Junior Tri-Leaders instead. Roseidous gets a special package in the mail.

June 13, 2001: The Tri-Leaders and Jr. Tri-Leaders begin work on Camp Milk and Cookies. Roses hires Billy Jo, the security squirrel. They meet Todd for the first time.

June 14, 2001: The Tri-Leader group heads into town for shopping. John and Roses meet each other in the park; Holly and Tails run into Mr. Packard; Tyrael meets Rob the Hardware Guy; and Ann and Al encounter Ian. That night, they visit the coal mines and find Murry, whom they hire as an associate.

June 19, 2001: The Tri-Leaders fly to the fortress to pick up Roseidous and discover Sally. They all go to the Moonbase and meet Vinnie, the newest associate.

July 2, 2001: First day of Camp Milk and Cookies.

July 3, 2001: Second day of Camp Milk and Cookies. Vinnie teaches Seduction, Roseidous and Tyrael go for a swim, and everyone gets ice cream sandwiches. Roseidous contracts a poison ivy rash. Ann successfully demonstrates the power of the Oreo cookies for the first time.

July 4, 2001, midnight: The Junior Tri-Leaders sneak out of their cabins and into the computer lab at camp. They set up a resistance site against the Tri-Leaders.

July 4, 2001: The Junior Tri-Leaders go on a Scavenger Hunt. Later, they infiltrate Camp Pork Chops and Applesauce to steal the secret applesauce ingredient. Roses, Ann, and Roseidous have a fight. Roseidous and Ann leave the camp. The Junior Tri-Leaders join Vinnie on an overnight campout.

July 5, 2001: In the early morning hours, Holli and Tails find Tyrael up a tree. Then they find Bubba, a giant penguin. He chases them back to camp. Everyone is barricaded in the girls cabin when Ann shows up to clean out her desk. She saves them with the tranquilizer gun. The Junior Tri-Leaders go grocery shopping and are banned from the store.

July 6, 2001: The Tri-Leader group goes to get Roseidous from Camp Pork Chops and Applesauce. They invite the boys at the camp to their dance later that evening. At the dance, Bubba attacks and the experimental Oreos are again, a success. Bubba destroys the dining hall.

July 7, 2001: The group goes to the lumberyard to visit their supplier, Vic, and get things to fix the dining hall. They discover that Vic is a garden gnome and are attacked by the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, who are trying to take over the world. Katherine saves them and disbands the GGLF.

July 8, 2001: The Camp Milk and Cookies graduation ceremony seems to be going well until the food fight. The camp, somehow, burns down.

July 26, 2001: Camp Milk and Cookies is finally rebuilt, better than ever.

August 17, 2001: John and Roses once again meet in town. They argue. Jan is in town, visiting Ian. She and Ann argue. They decide that the town is not big enough for everyone and go their separate ways, each group vowing to kick the other out.

August 19, 2001: A showdown on Main Street ends in a tie. While neither group will be leaving town, they are definitely not agreeing to co-inhabit peacefully. The fight for world domination has begun.

September 6, 2001: Roseidous invites all his friends over to look at his new invention. Yet again, they all end up in different universes for adventures in time and space.

September 7, 2001: All the individual universes collapse and everyone is sent to a world where the girls are in charge.

September 8, 2001: The male slaves escape during the night. The girls find and kidnap Sally. Roseidous and a few others go back to rescue her. John returns with the rest of the slaves and there is a big fight. The universe eventually collapses and everyone is returned to the correct time and place.

September 15, 2001: Jaina disappears on a spy mission for a country in Europe. She has not been heard from since.

September 19, 2001: Roses has another party and invites many people. Ann spikes the punch. There is a table-dancing contest. Other events occur that lead to the Trial of Roseidous.

September 20-22, 2001: The trial lasts for a few days, with the final verdict that Richard Simmons is guilty of some of the crimes at the party.

October 4, 2001: The group meets in the woods for a campfire and share made-up stories around the campfire. They are all lying, because they don't remember much of where they came from.

November 9, 2001: John, Lord of Darkness (dum dumm duummm!!!) creates his brilliant plan to take over the world. A video game called Crapomon, it will hypnotize everyone who plays it into serving him. Fitey is back in town, with her twin and split personality, Ilinana. Ilinana (and her pets) visit John and agree to help him. Katherine also joins John's side, but really just wants to steal his ice cream.

November 10, 2001: Katherine and Fitey visit the Tri-Leaders, and they send Holli, Tails, and Tyrael to sneak in and stop John's plans. Ilinana gets water guns from her contacts at Pam's; the water guns turn whatever they shoot into stone. John captures Holli and Tails. Fitey freezes Tyrael. Ilinana freezes Fitey and captures Katherine. Holli, Tails, and Katherine escape. Ian blows up John's cave of Crapomon stuff. John is frozen. Ilinana is forced to carry him around for a few months.

December 24, 2001: The Tri-Leaders and Associates go to Ann's moonbase for Christmas. Santa has too many cookies, and Holli, Tails, Tyrael, and Roseidous must save Christmas.

February 15, 2002: Ili steals the special potion to un-freeze John. He returns to his hideout to meet up with Ian and Silent Jim (who is back from Florida). He and his associates plan to go find the Tangerine Hologram Watch and leave for Whydontyoueatyourveggies. The Tri-Leaders find out about this plan and chase him.

February 16, 2002: John arrives and begins his search. He is attacked by the natives, the Annoying Parents. Katherine meets with Mister The Rapist and flies to the planet. Roses and the other Tri-Leaders find John and his associates, but refuse to help. Ian frees them, everyone fights over the Watch, Roses gets it, and John chases her. John causes Roses to fall down a cliff and gets the Watch, which tells him how to take over the world. He then kills the Watch, and everyone goes home.

March 3, 2002: Ann and Roses sneak into Roseidous' fortress and set up for a surprise party. Holli, Tails, and Tyrael steal Sally from the bedroom.

March 4, 2002: Roseidous is definitely surprised. John attempts to ruin the party, but fails and the party is a great success.

April 19, 2002: Roses has a meeting at her cabin to plan for Holli's birthday.

April 29, 2002: John's birthday. The Tri-Leaders surprise him and reveal Project X, Version One.

May 18, 2002: At the final meeting, all plans for Holli's party begin to take place.

May 19, 2002: Holli's Hawaiian-themed party actually goes according to plan. Mostly.

June 5, 2002: Roseidous and Roses are set up on a blind date; they go to Chuck E. Cheese. The guy behind the counter spikes their drinks, and while they are drunk, they get engaged.

June 7, 2002: John learns of the wedding plans and vows to stop the ceremony.

June 8, 2002: Tyrael and his new friend, Jetter, kidnap Ian and Silent Jim and shoot them into the sun so that they can sneak into John's cave. Tyrael can also take over Ian's stripping act at the bridal shower.

June 10, 2002: Roses' bridal shower in the woods with Ann, Holli, Tails, Katherine, and Lone. Lots of fire. John finds out the location of the wedding.

June 13, 2002: Ann spies on the bachelor party. The guys all go to a stripper convention with Vinnie.

June 14, 2002: Everyone arrives in Las Vegas. The guys get lost and arrive too late to check into the hotel. They sneak in through the girls' room.

June 15, 2002: The wedding. Bubba ruins the ceremony and Roses and Roseidous must get married in the alley behind the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The other Tri-Leaders get married. John's plans to ruin the wedding fail, and he infiltrates the game show during the night.

June 16, 2002: The Newlywed Game Show. John takes over hosting duties, and helps all of the newly married couples hate each other. He is, of course, defeated.

June 17, 2002: John is thrown in the coal mines. All marriages are annulled.

June 20, 2002: The Pizza Boys move their base of operation to Hawaii, with Katherine's help.

July 2, 2002: John is thrown out of the coal mines. He returns to his cave and forms the La Resistance movement. Katherine meets up with him in town and joins the resistance.

July 3, 2002: John barricades the Morphz message board. Katherine, who is really not on John's side, finds out that he is her father. She meets up with the Tri-Leaders, who visit Jeff. Jeff refuses to help. The first battle at the barricade is a victory for John.

July 4, 2002: The second battle. Jeff arrives with some boardies to save the day. John is defeated. The Tri-Leaders let John go, telling him that he is no longer a threat.

July 12, 2002: Everyone arrives in Hawaii for their vacations. The Tri-Leaders end up in the Pizza Boys' new store. The girls visit a spa.

July 13, 2002: The female Tri-Leaders take a tour of some volcanoes. They go to visit Katherine's house. John happens to show up. After a minor showdown, everyone goes their separate ways, some to town, some to beach, some back to the hotels. That night, Holli and Tails sneak out to tie up Tyrael, Roseidous sends some clowns after Ann and Roses, and Ilinana meets Damon.

July 15, 2002: The entire group meets up again at a Phred Felps rally, and are invited to a club by two clowns, Paul and George. At the club, the Tri-Leaders, John, his associates, and the Pizza Boys regain their memories through the Dance of Eternal Happiness. They now remember everything about their lives.

August 2, 2002: The Pizza Boys move back to town.

November 24, 2002: John and his associates (minus Dark Shadow) meet and decide to go see what the Tri-Leaders are doing. Meanwhile, the Tri-Leaders, along with Katherine are planning a Prom. Jan and Ilinana invade the Fortress, Ian and Silent Jim invade the Moonbase, and John invades the Camp, but none of their attempts result in anything important. Roseidous makes the mistake of losing his invitation list and invites Goober to the Prom.

November 25, 2002: Silent Jim's new experiment to build an army goes horribly wrong and the Hot Dog Man is born. John finds out that Goober is invited to the Prom and goes to visit the Tri-Leaders. He threatens to tell everyone about the dance, especially people they don't like unless they cancel it. The Tri-Leaders want to get Goober's letter back so that John doesn't have any proof that the prom is real. They call Roseidous' cousin at the Justice League. The League agrees to help if they are allowed to attend the dance.

November 26, 2002: The Justice League infiltrates John's headquarters but are defeated with the help of the Hot Dog Man and Katherine, who has turned "evil" again. John and company watch Captain Capitalist and Katherine confronts him about her mother. The Tri-Leaders learn of the League's failure and plan something else...they invite John to the Prom.

November 30, 2002: Prom Night. The party is a great success, and Holli and John are crowned King and Queen. However, no one realizes that Holli and Tails have planned a horrible prank. The plan to humiliate John in front of everyone is successful. Jan leaves Ian and joins the Tri-Leaders. John returns to his cave and plans to build an entire army of Hot Dog Men to invade Albuquerque.

Janurary 5, 2003: Jeff visits the Tri-Leaders because he has lost control of the messageboard. In Albuquerque, the Hot Dog Men begin to take over the city. John moves into a cave nearby. The Tri-Leaders, the Pizza Brigade, and the Justice League team up to stop him.

January 6, 2003: The battle continues. The Pizza Boys make a dramatic last stand and some of the Justice League members figure out how to defeat the Hot Dog Men. John reveals that his evil plan is to use the Delete Button on the messageboard to delete Albuquerque, thus negating all existence. Because Albuquerque is the center of the universe. Ian and Ilinana desert him when they find out. Silent Jim tries to attack the Tri-Leaders, but ends up telling them what John is about to do. Katherine calls Ebony. Silent Jim and the Tri-Leaders stop John just in time, and John starts acting like his normal self again.

January 2003 - January 2004: Not much happens to the Tri-Leaders in in 2003. Holli takes driving lessons from the Pizza Boys. Not to say that she improves. Ann builds a new, bigger, and better spaceship. Roses learns Tae Kwon Do. Tyrael receives a mysterious phone call, but everyone soon forgets about that. Roseidous is awarded Witch's Weekly's Most Marvelous Muggle Award. Roses doesn't tell him, but Sally does and he pouts for a few days.

February 2003 - January 2004: Johanna, Lady of Darkness

January 27, 2004: Roseidous takes the spaceship and goes to pick up his cousin, Studmuffin, in the city. The Tri-Leaders, who are bored, are busy planning a vacation.

January 29, 2004: Rosma comes to the camp to pick up Studmuffin.

March 18-24, 2004: The Tri-Leaders go on vacation to Disney World.

Summer 2004: Some coinciding events with the Justice League. John is beaten up by X-Raytor at a warehouse.

November, 2004: JohnWorld 3006

Early 2005: Chasing Ebony

July, 2005: The Day of Reckoning

September 2005: The Return of Dark Shadow

2006: A Destiny is Fulfilled

2006: Keep "watching."