Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: So convenes the mighty Tri-Rulers!

Ann Chovi: shall we take over the world?
Roses: not jello
Roseidous: >=o)
Roseidous: Cookies!
Ann Chovi: Coolies!
Roses: okay

Roseidous: Everyone now, laugh! Bwahahahaa!!
Ann Chovi: BWHAHAHAHAHA. *cough*
Roses: *gets out cough drops*
Roseidous: (as the Tri-Rulers, we all have to laugh at the same time)

Roses: but...I'm the oldest
Roseidous: Yes, and here are your Depends...
Roses: and I'm female...that means that I definitely rule over you, Roseidous
Roseidous: LOL
Ann Chovi: I agree!
Roseidous: Well, maybe that might be so, but the contract CLEARLY states that I am ahead of you all...

Ann Chovi: Unless you have an...accident.
Roses: Coal mines?
Roseidous: Coal mines?
Ann Chovi: Coal mines.

Roseidous: Well, I'm off!
Roseidous: *trots off to the mines*
Roses: have fun!
Ann Chovi: No matter what you heard, Vinnie's nickname is not the Butcher

Roseidous: Why'd you do that?!
Roses: *pours milk down the sink*
Roses: why?
Roses: because we're smarter than you
Ann Chovi: We are older and wiser.

Roseidous: And a gallon of fresh, lactose-tolerable milk...
Roses: milk-free milk?

Roseidous: As my apology, here's a baseball cap for eat of you
Ann Chovi: Have an Oreo.
Roses: eat of you? that doesn't sound good
Roseidous: *a large metal pole and wires stud the ball-caps*
Roseidous: Ooh, an Oreo...
Roseidous: *eats it*
Ann Chovi: I hate baseball. You can keep it!
Roseidous: Okay, I'll have it, then *puts on cap*
Roseidous: *Suddenly!*
Roseidous: *Roseidous' muscles grow huge, and his brain bulges*
Roseidous: Cool, so the Muscle Oreos and Intelligence Cap works!

Roseidous: ...I can finally know what women think!!
Roses: so what am I thinking?
Roseidous: THE HORROR!!!!!
Roseidous: I can't take it!!!
Roseidous: *throws off ball cap and steps on it*
Roses: that's what you get for experimental technology
Ann Chovi: Why would thinking about banana slugs be horrible?

Roses: Have a good trip!
Ann Chovi: Bye! We' you!
Roseidous: *wheels his wheelchair (from the broken back) onto the plane to the coal mines*
Roses: don't feel that you have to come back too soon!
Roseidous: *halfway on the flight* Hey! We don't have any coal mines!!

Roseidous: *inside the bathroom of the plane*
Roseidous: AAAHHH!!
Roseidous: *Vinnie dunks Roseidous' head in the toilet again*

Roses: What is Vinnie doing? I said kill him, not kiss him....
Ann Chovi: Vinnie!
Roseidous: "Sorry, I did that." Vinnie says
Roseidous: "Gross."
Roseidous: "I know. It's a habit."

Roses: Scrabble maybe?
Roses: ooh, i got it
Roses: Monopoly
Roseidous: *four years later, Roseidous comes back with his volley-ball friend*
Ann Chovi: So, now you've got all the properties and hotels on every one, and you run the bank, and I'm in jail.
Ann Chovi: I stink at Monopoly.

Roseidous: *Thows a bunch of tiny plastic houses at Ann*
Roses: *sigh*
Roses: you're in for it now
Roseidous: *Ann, ducks, and they hit Roses*
Ann Chovi: *picks up shoe and throws it back at Roseidous*
Roseidous: *grabs game board and blocks it*
Ann Chovi: *tips over table and hides behind it*
Roseidous: *throws money at Roses*

Roseidous: Dern...that Tyrael gets all the action...
Roseidous: I should do something about him...
Roses: yes, because he doesn't hit people with shoes

Roses: *grabs Rosey's volley ball and threatens to throw it in the fire*
Roseidous: Noooo!! Not, er, what's-his-name!!!
Roses: *throws it at Roseidous instead and knocks him out*
Roseidous: *Roseidous wakes up hours later, to find himself tied to a bed*
Ann Chovi: *goes over to Roseidous and hits him with little shoe*

Roseidous: Clones! Help! *the clones rush in, and tie Roses and Ann to the bed*
Roseidous: Now who's the leader, huh? >=o)
Ann Chovi: But I remember getting elected to be leader.
Roses: now we're all tied to the bed?
Ann Chovi: What purpose does that serve
Roseidous: Yeah, I guess so...
Roseidous: *the clones laugh*
Roses: yeah, now what?

Roses: sigh
Ann Chovi: Why does this always happen?
Roses: i don't know
Roses: it what we get for working with Roseidous I suppose
Roseidous: See? Had you not tied me to the bed, I could help you right now!
Ann Chovi: Had you not callen in the clones, we wouldn't be in this mess!

Roses: i just told someone I was tied to a bed with you
Roseidous: LOL
Roses: and she asked if we were *coughcyberingcough*
Roseidous: LOLOL
Ann Chovi: LOL!
Roses: i

Roseidous: "So, what should we do over the next few hours?" *wink, wink*
Roses:i'm going to take a nap
Roseidous: "I think I have something stuck in my eye..."
Roses: well, it's not like we can get it out...we're tied up here
Ann Chovi: "Oops! How did my watch knife get there?"
Roseidous: AAAAHHH!! I'm blind!!!

Roseidous: 3
Roseidous: 2
Roseidous: 1
Roseidous: ...
Roseidous: BEEP!!
Roseidous: KA-BOOOMMM!!!
Roses: popcorn's done!
Roseidous: Yay!
Roseidous: And so the story ends with Ann, Roses, and the blinded Roseidous all eating popcorn...The En
Roseidous: d
Roses: the en....d

Roses: and so ends the first tri-leaders meeting
Roseidous: While I'm off conquering the World...hehe...
Roses: *raises glass of milk* and here's to many more
Roseidous: Lol
Ann Chovi: We have accomplished mush..I mean much.
Roses: more like mush
Ann Chovi: That's what it looks like
Roseidous: Mush is good...
Roseidous: It's soft, no need for chewing!
Roses: that'
Roseidous: Yeah! We're old, remember?
Roses: oh, that's right
Ann Chovi: I like banana mush
Roseidous: Oh, that's right, you don't...we'old...
Roseidous: Chow for now!
Roses: bye!
Ann Chovi: Bye!
Roseidous has left the room.
Roses: *bangs gavel* the meeting has adjourned
Ann Chovi: *picks up jacket and stretches*
Roses: see you in the other IM box?
Ann Chovi: Okay!