Tri-Leader Quotes

Roses: *bangs gavel* this second official Tri-Leader meeting is called to order
Roseidous: Hey! I wanna bang the gavel!
Roses: no, you can't
Roses: i'm the leader
Roseidous: Aw, come on!
Roses: okay fine
Roses: *gives Rosey the gavel*

Roses: wait, Rosey has an axe? i'd better take it away
Ann Chovi: I think it may have gotten caught in the great journal fire of last year.
Roses: lol, his axe?
Ann Chovi: yep!
Roses: that's a good place for it to be
Ann Chovi: I think so

Roses: well, it's not like the one in south america was doing anything
Ann Chovi: I think that one was picking up some prostitutes.
Roses: lol
Roseidous: Lol...
Roses: i'm sure he was using his seduction skills
Roseidous: Yeah, I told him to do that...
Ann Chovi: You are a bad influence on the Vinnies
Roseidous: He was picking up some SA chicks for me...I mean, for us to clone...

Roses: go see vic in the lumberyard, he'll give you some
Ann Chovi: Don't turn your back on him, though

Ann Chovi: Ah, the swamp
Ann Chovi: Such a fine place.
Roses: very damp...good for the skin

Roses: what?
Roseidous: He's a GNOME!!
Ann Chovi: You'd better close your mouth. Wouldn't want flies to get in there.
Roses: yes, he is

Roseidous: Someone sharpened the pencil too much...
Roseidous: I think it was the pencil itself...he was addicted...

Roseidous: So, are you a producer, Ann? Ack! Look what you've done to me, Ann!!!
Roses: lol! she turned you purple!
Roseidous: I'm, I'm...PURPLE!!!
Roseidous: *runs off crying*
Roses: *takes picture*

Roses: wait! You stole the spaceship?
Roseidous: Yeah, why?
Ann Chovi: That's MY spaceship!
Roseidous: No it's not!
Ann Chovi: I made it!
Roseidous: We voted it was mine!
Roses: *throws pizza box at Roseidous, knocking him out*
Ann Chovi: Yay!
Roseidous: I'm not out!
Roses: yes, you are
Roseidous: *eats pizza*
Ann Chovi: *hits him with a stick*

Roses: lol, so where's the real you, the real me, the real ann, the real vinnie, and the real bunny?
Roseidous: *Roses and Roseidous stare each other down*
Roseidous: Locked up

Roses: so...where's my anniversary present?
Roseidous: Umm, I got you a vacuum cleaner...
Roses: this is the anniversary of the first time...i um..slapped you
Roseidous: This bunker is getting dirty!
Roseidous: Actually, it's our third anniversary. You mean you don't rememeber?!!?
Roses: *grabs bunny to use as a dust mop*
Ann Chovi: Have a cookie!
Roses: oreos!
Ann Chovi: yay!

Roseidous: *they all wake up on a serile surgical table*
Ann Chovi: That was strange.
Roses: yep, strange
Roseidous: *aliens hover around them, probing them...*
Roses: i'd better have my clothes on
Ann Chovi: Hey, don't be probing there.
Roseidous: Hmm, this ain't so bad...Ah! Don't go there, alien dude!