Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: Do you like Al Broker? Because I was thinking we could drop him
Roseidous: We have to have a robot monkey and possessed skull!
Roses: drop him!!!! nooooo!!!! i put him on the page
Roses: but a possessed skull is interesting
Roseidous: We can also drop the vulture. I couldn't find his resume... <=o)
Ann Chovi: Who would posses a robot monkey?

Roseidous: No, Stan is a fast-talking, sombrero-wearing salesman!!
Roses: no, he's a weasel
Roseidous: Salesman!
Roses: weasel
Roseidous: Salesman!
Roseidous: With a sombrero!
Roses: no

Roseidous: Why not?!?!
Roseidous: Just add another head!
Roseidous: And a tail!
Ann Chovi: Because a two-headed robot monkey is just ridiculous

Roseidous: "I am a demonic skull from the underworld! I will eat your flesh!"
Roses: that's murray?
Roseidous: "What're you going to do? Bite my kneecaps off?"
Roses: but what is his job title?
Roseidous: I know!
Roseidous: He's our lamp shade!!

Roseidous: Murry is our lamp shade
Roses: sigh
Roses: does he do anything else?
Roseidous: He talks
Roseidous: Evilly
Roseidous: He trys to kill us
Roseidous: But just ends up rolling around
Roses: oh
Roseidous: We play soccer with him.
Roses: he's comedic entertainment
Roseidous: And he curses at us the entire time
Roseidous: Yeah
Roses: okay
Roseidous: For our sadistic pleasure.
Ann Chovi: It could work

Roseidous: Clones, Gnomes, Weasels, Penguins, Squirrels, Robot Monkeys, and Possessed Skulls?
Roses: that's enough for me
Roses: that about covers all the bases, don't you think?
Roseidous: Yeah...

Roseidous: Theme music for my Evil Fortress, my Evil Dungeon, my Evil Plotting...all of it!!
Ann Chovi: ?Why am ?I so worried?
Roseidous: I outta sell merchandise!!
Roseidous: Lol
Roseidous: >=o]
Ann Chovi: Little evil fortresses and stuff?
Roses: i would buy one
Roses: and then smash it with a hammer

Roseidous: Actually, I ate a little bit of him...
Roseidous: Yoda tastes like chicken...
Roses: rosey!!!
Roses: you give that back!

Roses: i'm going to have to lock you in the closet with murray, if you don't be nice to visitors
Roseidous: Here baby, baby, baby!
Roseidous: lol
Roses: ewwwww!!!! who are you talking to?

Rosidous: I want my babyback-babyback-babyback ribs! Chiiiillleeeese babyback ribs!!
Roses: i don't
Ann Chovi: That was so very wrong.

Roses: Rosey? Put bubba away now...back in his cave
Roseidous: Lol...go on, Bubba...
Roseidous: "Quack quack? Quuuaaaack..."
Ann Chovi: bubba?
Roseidous: Bubba speaks in quacks...