Tri-Leader Quotes

~before the meeting, with the Junior Leaders~

Roseidous: I still know about the moon base...and Project X...
Roses: what project X?
Ann Chovi: The moon base blew up
Roseidous: Oh, wait, Project X is mine...and it was secret...cwap...

Roseidous: Like, fiteen inch...oh, you mean my hight? Well....
Ann Chovi: Not your feet
Roses: *applauds*

Roseidous: I think I need to be punished...
Roses: i'm not getting my whip dirty

Roseidous: Umm, actually, I kidnapped the door knob...
Ann Chovi: So that's what Vinnie was mumbling about!
Roses: whoa, this conversation has taken a turn for the hard as that is to imagine...;-)

Tyrael: lol
Roseidous: I can see Ty is taking a backseat to this convo...
Roses: lol, i was going to ask him what he was laughing about, but i'm not sure he knows what he's laughing at
Ann Chovi: He's laughing just to laugh
Roseidous: Lol
Holli: rosei-- did you ever star in a porn movie??
Tyrael: I'm putting "lol" in there randomly to make you think I'm listening ;-)
Roseidous: Yes, I did
Jedevenis: and how many copies were burned?
Tyrael: ouch

Roses: unanimated? you mean a real person? no, that doesn't count
Roseidous: Air-filled ones should count...
Ann Chovi: but they don't
Holli: no

Roses: ann and I look alike, rosey...we're really should be scared now
Roseidous: =o)
Ann Chovi: It's really strange
Roseidous: Actually, I'm a little turned on.... =o)
Roses: ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!
Roseidous: Lol
Roseidous: I wonder how I knew I'd get that response...

Ann Chovi: Poor Sally hit that nail
Roses: wasn't *our* fault.....O:-)...*quick Ann! hide the hammer!*
Ann Chovi: *I thought you had the hammer*
Roseidous: *shakes head* You people are just as dirty as me...

Roseidous: Kool Aide? Porn? Intriging....
Tyrael: anyway, "sadly", I must go ;-)
Holli: what about belly button exposing magazines?

Roseidous: That can be the title of my new movie! Pens!
Roses: uh-oh...
Ann Chovi: I have a bad feeling about this
Roses: me too
Roseidous: Pens! Pens! Pens...
Roses: *hides all pens*

~during the meeting~

Roses: just more mush
Ann Chovi: Mush is fun.
Ann Chovi: It squishes between the toes
Roses: yes, but what are we going to do with it all?
Roseidous: Door knobs are fun, too...
Roseidous: Door knobs and mush...hmmm...
Ann Chovi: NO!
Roses: *the doorknob in the secret hideout falls to the floor and rolls away in terror*
Roseidous: No what, Ann?
Ann Chovi: You can't mix the two
Roseidous: Sure you can!
Ann Chovi: It's just wrong
Roseidous: Why's that?
Ann Chovi: It's like having Elmo star in your movie
Roses: well, for one...the doorknob just rolled away, so what does it matter
Ann Chovi: It's just wrong

Roseidous: Project X....
Roses: wait! is that why you hired Bubba?
Ann Chovi: You're going to kill us, aren't you.
Roseidous: Maybe...
Roseidous: Yeah, I am
Roseidous: Actually, someone else is...
Roses: hmm...oh well
Ann Chovi: Those are the breaks

Roseidous: After all, it'll only help us conquer the world...
Roses: then we have to know
Ann Chovi: Does it involve fish?

Ann Chovi: Does it blow up?
Roseidous: Hehe, guess who wins the million dollars?
Roses: ann
Roseidous: No, me! 'cause I said so!
Ann Chovi: Yay!
Ann Chovi: I want a million dollars, though
Roses: because she said blow up things

Roses: I'm still in shock that Rosey had a good idea
Roseidous: Lol
Ann Chovi: It is amazing

Roses: rosey, it better not kill me
Roses: or I might kill you
Roseidous: lol, don't worry, it will!

Roseidous: My internet and computer are making some funky noises...I wonder if there's a...
Roseidous: hacker piggybacking my line...
Ann Chovi: It could be a giant beetle.
Roseidous: lol, maybe...

Roses: ann, believe me, i know more about his bodily functions that it's right for me to know
Roses: he shared
Ann Chovi: Sometimes, when you're eating tuna salad, you just don't want to know these things.

Roseidous: Oh, darn, we voted without you, Roses...
Ann Chovi: We voted that strawberry is the best milkshake
Roses: eww...vanilla
Roseidous: What? No! Banana!
Ann Chovi: You already voted
Roseidous: And carmel, and vanilla!
Ann Chovi: Oh, wait, I forgot about mint
Roseidous: No, we voted that I be King of the World!
Roses: *pushes rosey off the boat*
Ann Chovi: Yay!

Ann Chovi: That's the evil part
Roses: yep
Roses: very evil
Roseidous: lol
Roses: and amusing
Roseidous: To us, maybe...