Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: Basically, Ann Chovi could be a banker, and you could be an accountant working for her
Ann Chovi: *shudder*

Roses: but where's ann?
Ann Chovi: Where am I?

Roses: actually, i did it
Roseidous: Did what?
Ann Chovi: that thing on the carpet

Roseidous: Did you laugh at all during my story?
Roses: yes
Ann Chovi: On the inside
Roses: at ty

Ann Chovi: Mr. Tinkles shall star
Roseidous: WHO is Mr. Tinkles?
Roses: you

Roseidous: Know who Mr. Wacked-Out is?
Ann Chovi: My uncle?

Roseidous: Hey, I've gotta look on the bright side of everything...
Roses: yep
Ann Chovi: Not if the bright side leads there
Roseidous: 0=o) What? I cannot follow the light?
Ann Chovi: no
Roses: definitely not

Seems like a short meeting, right? Well, it was. But there really aren't many quotes because they mostly concern Project X, which is a real thing and is a secret. *Roses, Ann,and Roseidous laugh evilly*