Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: Whelp, I need to go to an ultra-top secret Tri-Leaders meeting...Chow for now! Bwahahahaaa!
Ann Chovi: Bye!

Roses: lol, you declined Rosey...
Ann Chovi:
Roseidous: Declined?
Roses: yes, declined

Roses: he's not really paying attention
Ann Chovi: But he called this
Roses: i know
Ann Chovi: Loser
Roses: and here we've been waiting for him to get back
Roses: and we made him that nice trial as a present
Ann Chovi: I know!
Ann Chovi: The ungrateful wretch
Roses: wow, that was you have some hidden feelings you need to discuss?
Ann Chovi: All those people...all those testimonys, and all he does is call for a re-trial!

Roses: he just doesn't appreciate us
Roseidous: lol
Ann Chovi: All we ask for is a "thanks for the effort", and maybe some emeralds

Ann Chovi: Be here next week
Roses: *glares at Rosey*
Ann Chovi: Or else!
Ann Chovi: And be here before then so we can get started on stuff

Roseidous: But it's Holli who was supposed to be on trial! Not me!
Roseidous: *goes off and crys*
Ann Chovi: Now 2 tri-leaders are crying
Ann Chovi: I'm in charge!

Roseidous: Why do I hafta keep getting pregnant? Doesn't anyone use protection anymore?!
Ann Chovi: ahem

Roseidous: Oooh, you can actually do that? I didn't think it was physically possible to bend that way..
Roses: yes, it is
Ann Chovi: I've done it

~Meeting with Holli~

Roseidous: Why do you always ask that, Holli? Should I just greet you with an "I love you" every time we meet?
Roseidous: Holli, I love you.
Holli: yes
Roseidous: Roses, I love you, too.
Holli: what about roses? and ann?
Roseidous: Ann, sorry, don't love you...
Roseidous: =o)
Ann Chovi: *hits Roseidous with stick*
Roseidous: *throws Roses gavel at Ann*
Ann Chovi: *ducks*
Holli: giggles as she cooks pop corn

Holli: *looks at lay-z-boy*
Holli: matches, layzboy, matches, lazyboy
Holli: *lights match*
Holli: *lights lazyboy with match*
Ann Chovi: *spills gasoline*
Roseidous: *gets out fire extinguisher*
Holli: *laughs*
Roseidous: *the jumbo sized one*
Holli: um, roser, that is the fire extinguisher filled with jello
Holli: green jello
Holli: i wouldn't use that if i were you
Holli: unless...
Roseidous: *looks inside nozzle, opens mouth, and squirts*
Holli: its the one filled with hairspray
Ann Chovi: ooooooh
Roseidous: AAAAAAArrrgghghght
Roseidous: *falls down dead*
Ann Chovi: *lights match*
Roseidous: *unable to breath*
Holli: <--snorted
Holli: *fell off chair laughing*

Holli: *sings* scooby dooby doo, wheere are you
Roseidous: *dances*
Holli: *points and laughs*
Roseidous: *grabs Holli and Tangos with her*
Holli: *screams*
Holli: *dances*
Ann Chovi: You obviously did not win the table dancing contest
Roseidous: *grasps rose with teeth*
Holli: hey aren't half bad for an idiotic numbskull
Roseidous: *spins around, and a Tango outfit magically appears on him*
Holli: *snaps fingers and bandana apears on rosers head blinding him
Holli: *snaps fingers again and his pants disapear*
Holli: hey- you like barney and friends?
Ann Chovi: EEK!
Roseidous: *the music stops*
Roseidous: *everyone looks at Holli in silence...except Roseidous*
Holli: roser watches barney! *points and laughs*
Ann Chovi: HAHAHA!
Roseidous: *everyone slowly backs away from the hallucinating Holli*
Roseidous: *except Roseidous, who doens't know what's going on*

Holli: roser- that last comment sounded-- intelligent
Roses: rosey! don't sound intelligent in front of people!

Roseidous has left the room.
Roses: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roses: wow, okay, that was fun
Holli: can we duct tape him to a ceiling fan?
Roses: yes