Tri-Leader Quotes

Ann Chovi: Let's laugh together!
Roses: mwhahahaha!
Roseidous: Bwhahahahaaa!!
Ann Chovi: Bahahahaha! *cough*
Roses: hey, we actually did it that time
Roseidous: Wawawawaaa!

Roseidous: Just making a big deal outta nothin'. =o)
Roses: oh, okay
Ann Chovi: That's what being a Tri-Leader is all about
Roses: I thought the Hokey-Pokey is what it's all about
Roseidous: Yes, me too
Roseidous: *dances*

Roseidous: Hey, I had an idea awhile ago...
Ann Chovi: really?
Roseidous: I was looking at my Henchmen page, and grooving out to the music...
Roseidous: And then I thought...
Ann Chovi: dangerous
Roses: you thought?
Roseidous: Wait, what did I think? Hmm...
Roseidous: I'm not sure I really did think...
Roses: oh, good
Roseidous: Something must have fallen from the ceiling...

Roseidous: Sci-Fi and Cartoon Network rule!!!
Ann Chovi: I love Cartoon Network
Roses: i do like the cartoon network
Roses: least we agree on something

Roseidous: *commits suicide*
Ann Chovi: He's dead!
Roseidous: *pulls out knife*
Ann Chovi: My job is easier!
Roseidous: Okay, I'm okay.
Ann Chovi: *puts away explosives*
Roseidous: It's one of those cheap Chinese knives. No harm done
Ann Chovi: A collapseable one?
Roseidous: All I need are some wet noodles to stitch up the wound...
Ann Chovi: Arg!
Roseidous: Yeah, you close the knife by stabbing something. Not a very effective knife, if ya ask me...

Roseidous: We could them make Tri-Leader action figures!
Roseidous: Have a whole toy and merchandise line!
Ann Chovi: I always wanted to be an action figure!
Roseidous: We could become filthy rich!!
Roses: yay!
Roseidous: =o)
Roseidous: Then, when we're finally rich, we can...
Ann Chovi: I just said that

Roseidous: Q: Who has the right of way when four cars approach a four-way stop at the same time?
Roses: the person with the biggest tires
Ann Chovi: The one with the guns

Roseidous: *freezes as the two things conflict*
Roseidous: *sparks fly from Roseidous' head*
Roseidous: Overload!
Roses: yay! fireworks!
Roseidous: *Roseidous begins to vibrate violently*
Ann Chovi: oooh
Roseidous: *then stops*
Roseidous: Hey, put another quarter in me! Fast!
Ann Chovi: I ran out of quarters
Roses: i have a penny!
Ann Chovi: How about two dimes and a nickel?
Roseidous: Aww, guess I can't do the last thing...
Roseidous: You know, the exploding thing.
Roseidous: Oh well...
Ann Chovi: such is life
Roseidous: *sparks stop flying*
Roseidous: Okay, now what?
Roses: i don't know

Roses: he said he went up the monkey tree to get a banana
Ann Chovi: Translation: his speedo was giving him a wedgie

Roses: well, Rosey, I think you're wonderful...most of the time
Roseidous: Most of the time?
Roseidous: When am I not? *bats eyes*
Ann Chovi: When you try to kill us
Ann Chovi: *nod*
Roses: yeah, those times

Roseidous has left the room.
Roses: hey! he's running from me, i will chase him
Ann Chovi: Hunt him down like the dog he is
Roses: i hugged him goodnight i want to see what he says
Roses: Roses: (((Rosey))) goodnight! Roseidous: (((Lamp)))
Ann Chovi: So...he's hugging the lamp?
Roses: yes

Roses: "I'll miss you Fluffy!(Ann and Roses are your leaders)Don't die!"
Roses: *John, tell my mom that (obey ann and roses) I love her!"
Ann Chovi: "Hank! Don't disobey my (Ann and Roses are your queens) orders! Evacu(Ann and Roses rule!)ate!"
Roses: he's going to shoot (you love ann and roses) me! *BANG*
Roses: No, Stuart! Don't (men are bad, women are good) leave me here to die!"
Roses: "Bobby, tell my wife I love her." "No, Frank, (worship ann and roses) you can tell her yourself."
Ann Chovi: It's a perfect place for a message
Ann Chovi: No one will see it coming