Tri-Leader Quotes

Ann Chovi: Now what could I do?
Roseidous: Ice skate? Over a cliff?
Ann Chovi: I can't ice skate
Roses: rosey, you be nice
Ann Chovi: How about you try that?
Roseidous: Umm, how about I just get a back massage from my clones?

Roseidous: You know that toothpick?
Ann Chovi: yes
Roses: no
Roseidous: It wasn't an ordinary toothpick
Ann Chovi: I know
Roseidous: It was a green toothpick.
Ann Chovi: It was mine
Roseidous: I think the green coloring is starting to get to my brain...or what's left of it...
Roses: i want one
Ann Chovi: You are going to get gangrene
Roseidous: Ack!
Roses: we can only hope
Ann Chovi: and then your foot will fall off
Roseidous: Roses, don't be mean

Ann Chovi: So...I hear the world is ending
Roses: are we responsible?
Ann Chovi: Not this time

Roses: who's font do you have now?
Ann Chovi: I found it lying on the ground
Ann Chovi: It needed a home

Roses: rosey, you know, you shouldn't try to eat with your feet, then you won't need to use a toothpick
Roseidous: I don't use toothpicks
Ann Chovi: Someone planted it there
Roses: O:-)
Ann Chovi: Someone with a grudge
Ann Chovi: Who could it be?

Roseidous: What did you each choose?
Ann Chovi: The flying elephants
Ann Chovi: Oh, no, thinking of something else...

Ann Chovi: *ties Roseidous to the tree*
Roses: yay!
Ann Chovi: *poke*
Roses: who did you poke?
Ann Chovi: Roseidous
Ann Chovi: I think
Roses: oh
Ann Chovi: Is that him?
Roses: i don't know, is it?
Ann Chovi: *peers at guy tied to tree*
Ann Chovi: I don't know...
Roses: maybe if he talks, we'll know
Ann Chovi: He's not talking
Ann Chovi: We need to make him talk
Ann Chovi: *pokes Roseidous again*
Roses: *throws a rock at the person tied to the tree*
Roseidous: Hey, why am I being poked?
Roses: are you sure you're roseidous?
Ann Chovi: Answer!
Roseidous: Dude at tree: Who are you people?! Why am I tied up!? AND STOP POKING MEEEE!!
Roses: yes, that's him
Ann Chovi: That's good to know