Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: Sheeza! Looky how crowded it is in here!
Roseidous: I wanted to come talk to myself, but look, now you've all ruined that dream!
Ann Chovi: It is truly shattered
Roses: It is very crowded for a secret meeting
AnnaChovi: Roseidous, did you have to bring that?

Roseidous: To get anything done in a secret meeting, there should be only two people, with one person absent.
Ann Chovi: But then the other person doesn't know we're talking about him.
Ann Chovi: Or her
Roseidous: Oh, so your first instinct was a 'him'?
Roses: *bangs gavel* This meeting is called to order!
Ann Chovi: Um...
Roseidous: And, seeing as how there's only one 'him' in the Tri-Leaders...
Roseidous: *squints his eyes in distrust*
Ann Chovi: But we have secret chats about you all the time!
Roses: order people, order!
Roseidous: *has Roses' gavel*
Roses: do you want the pepperoni or not?
Ann Chovi: Pepperoni!
Roseidous: Not I
Roseidous: Said the fly
Roseidous: He's allergic
Roses: you stole it? give it back!
Roseidous: *hides the gavel*
Roseidous: You'll never find it!
Roseidous: Or, if you do, you'll never want to touch it again!
Ann Chovi: ...where did you hide it?
Roseidous: Hehe...
Ann Chovi: Oh dear
Roses: eww!
Roseidous: *sits uncomfortably in his chair*
Roses: don't tell Bubba, he'll be jealous
Ann Chovi: *ahem*

Roseidous: C'mon ask me! Ask me!
Roseidous: "Why, is that a gavel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
Ann Chovi: But you just said that
Roses: actually, it's my whip in my pocket, watch out
Ann Chovi: I can't repeat you

Ann Chovi: *takes out pointy stick* Here it is!
Roseidous: Don't take your stick out of your pants ever again!
Ann Chovi: It's made of oak
Roses: so it's a big stick!
Roseidous: I don't care how hard it is, keep it away from me!
Ann Chovi: And it's pointy!
Ann Chovi: Look!
Roses: yay!
Roseidous: Ack!
Ann Chovi: *pokes Roseidous*
Roseidous: Don't do that when I'm bending over to tie my shoes!
Ann Chovi: Hee, hee!
Roses: *looks at Ann, do it again*
Ann Chovi: *pokes Roseidous again*
Roseidous: You're freakin' me out, man!

Ann Chovi: I think Roseidous fell asleep
Roses: well, the nice warm fire made him sleepy
Ann Chovi: We should tie him up
Roses: okay
Roses: *gets rope*
Ann Chovi: *gets the duct tape*
Roseidous: *is currently in a state of rigormortis*
Roses: oh, he died?
Ann Chovi: Apparently
Roseidous: *a sharp stick protrude from his chest*
Roses: Ann! did you do that?!
Ann Chovi: Huh, I guess pointy stick are fatal.
Ann Chovi: It's on fire, too
Roseidous: *is cooked from the inside*
Roses: I think he's tricking us, it's a fake
Ann Chovi: I think you're right
Roses: *pours water on Rosey*
Roses: *ice water*
Ann Chovi: *sits on Roseidous*
Roseidous: *chest caves in*
Roses: no!
Roseidous: *crrrruuuncchhh*
Roses: it's a fake Roseidous!
Ann Chovi: *gasp*
Roses: it's made of paper mache!
Roseidous: *has eaten all the pizza*
Roses: *turns around*
Ann Chovi: The real one's going to jump out at us...
Roseidous: Mwahaha!
Ann Chovi: Ack!
Roses: Rosey! You didn't share that!

Ann Chovi: He stole the pizza money!
Roses: duck! the pizza guy will throw a brick through the window!
Ann Chovi: *ducks*
Roses: *bricks hits Roseidous, who is not paying attention*
Ann Chovi: That's going to leave a mark
Roseidous: *is dead on the floor...again*
Ann Chovi: He seems to die a lot
Roses: *performs CPR as practice for her class on Monday*
Ann Chovi: He's still not awake
Roseidous: *is currently eating the secret extra pizza Roses got with the Pizza Boy*

Roseidous: That's Bubba!
Roseidous: Dressed up as me!
Ann Chovi: Bubba Bad Touch!
Roseidous: *Bubba wakes up and kisses back*

Ann Chovi: Bubba! Get off her!
Roseidous: She loves ya, man! Go get her!
Roses: poke him with the stick!
Ann Chovi: *pokes Bubba*
Roses: poke Rosey, not Bubba!
Roses: *kicks Bubba*
Ann Chovi: Oh, ooops
Ann Chovi: *pokes Roseidous, but not hard enough to impale him*
Roseidous: *Bubba interprets all this as Ann coming onto Roseidous and Roses coming onto Bubba. Bubba takes the action all penguins know when someone comes on to you...*

Roseidous: *Bubba is outraged he was lied to by his love, as there was no food outside. So instead, he ate the mailman*
Ann Chovi: Not Mr. Packard!
Roses: What was Mr. Packard bringing today?
Roseidous: *Bubba lunges at Roses*
Roses: *Roses ducks*
Roseidous: Bubba: QUAAAACK!!!
Ann Chovi: Mr. Packard had those explosives...
Roses: who ordered those? Holli?
Roseidous: *Bubba falls off a conveniently placed cliff, and keeps falling, quacking all the way*

Roseidous: We are in my Evil Fortress, which is on a rocky island in the middle of the ocean...
Ann Chovi: This is the place you call the Fortress of Love, right?
Ann Chovi: *backs away*
Roses: *notices the shag carpet and beanbag chairs*
Ann Chovi: Why is that couch spinning around?
Roses: mood lighting, too? you redecorated!
Ann Chovi: Oh look, and abstract painting!
Ann Chovi: Oh, that's not abstract...
Ann Chovi: *shudder*
Roses: what is that person doing in that picture?
Roseidous: He's...
Roseidous: ...and she's....
Roseidous: They're...
Roseidous: ...helping each other...
Ann Chovi: Bake cookies
Roseidous: dressed!
Roses: To get dressed to go bake cookies
Roseidous: Yeah...
Roseidous: And then give them to the orphanage...
Roses: that's a very nice picture, then
Ann Chovi: The kitty cat in the background is creepy, though
Roses: is pink a normal color for eyes?
Ann Chovi: It's normal for the eyes of demons
Roses: that cat is going to steal the cookies for the orphans!

Roses: *turns away from picture*
Roses: where did he go now?
Roseidous: *is off in another room*
Roseidous: *Barry White can be heard playing off in the distance*
vAnn Chovi: That song...
Roses: someone has no taste in music
Ann Chovi: My dad has a Barry White record...

Roses: hey, Ann, let's redecorate the kitchen while he's gone!
Ann Chovi: Okay!
Roses: let's paint it.....yellow!
Roses: he needs some light in here
Ann Chovi: Glow in the dark yellow!
Roses: oh, and let's paint some flowers in it, too
Ann Chovi: Pink ones
Roses: psychadelic ones to match the carpet
Ann Chovi: Oooh
Roses: yeah baby!
Ann Chovi: And some mushrooms
Roses: now let's find the kitchen! Ann Chovi: All right!

Roses: the door's over here!
Roses: but it's locked!
Roses: I *wonder* what we can do to amuse ourselves until he gets back
Roses: do you still have your stick?
Ann Chovi: And you've got your whip
Roses: yep!
Ann Chovi: Yay!
Roses: let's play that new game
Roses: you know, where we do that thing
Ann Chovi: Oh, that's a fun game
Ann Chovi: But we don't have any cool whip
Roses: hmmm...we do have to have cool whip

Roses: *wanders over to wall*
Roses: I wonder what this button does
Ann Chovi: Push it!
Roses: are you sure?
Roses: maybe we should step back....push it with the stick
Ann Chovi: What is the worst it could do?
Ann Chovi: *pushes the button with the stick*
Roses: it's probably how he got out of here without opening the door
Ann Chovi: ah
Roses: but I don't think I want to end up where he is
Ann Chovi: Look, something's happening!
Roses: those beanbag chairs are moving!
Ann Chovi: The painting is dancing!
Roses: do they do that?
Roses: *stares*
Ann Chovi: The painting is different now
Ann Chovi: Look at the cat!
Ann Chovi: He has a cookie in his mouth
Roses: what kind?
Ann Chovi: An Oreo
Roses: of course
Ann Chovi: And now he's changing again
Ann Chovi: Ack!
Ann Chovi: He's changing into Roseidous!
Roses: *covers eyes*

Roseidous: Who wants Kool-Aid!
Ann Chovi: Who wants Oreos?
Roses: where did he get Kool-Aid?
Ann Chovi: He ordered in
Ann Chovi: The Kool-Aid Man brought it
Roseidous: From McKool-Aid's
Ann Chovi: There's one of those being built on the moon
Roseidous: Yes, right next to a Chucky Cheese's.
Roses: really?
Roseidous: Yeah
Roses: Ann! let's go!
Roses: can your spaceship fly to the window?
Ann Chovi: It can try
Ann Chovi: But we can't leave Roseidous here
Roses: I'm not gonna go get him
Ann Chovi: Who will win the prizes?
Ann Chovi: Roseidous! If you don't get out here right now we're going to leave without you!
Ann Chovi: *waits*
Roses: *Barry White music starts playing again*
Ann Chovi: Oh dear
Roses: let's leave now

Ann Chovi: *pushes the button to call the spaceship*
Ann Chovi: *the spaceship crashes into the window*
Roses: oops
Ann Chovi: *the spaceship bounces off*
Roses: *opens window*
Ann Chovi: Those are spaceship-proof windows
Roses: i'm glad
Ann Chovi: *spaceship flies in open window*
Roseidous: Man, who left the heater on? It's boiling in here!
Roses: *gets in*
Roseidous: Hmm...that gives me an idea...
Ann Chovi: *gets in the spaceship*
Roseidous: *starts cooking an egg on table*
Ann Chovi: To infinity, and beyond!
Roses: up, up, and away!
Ann Chovi: *spaceship doesn't start up*
Roses: sigh
Ann Chovi: Not again
AnnChovi: Let me see what's wrong with it...
Roses: okay
Ann Chovi: It looks like someone fried an egg on the engine. There's gunk all over.

Ann Chovi: The robots are going to have to take a while to clean it
Roses: *gets out*
Roseidous: Robots? Uh-oh...
Roseidous: You mean, those were for repairing?
Roseidous: I kinda...
Ann Chovi: You killed my robots!
Roseidous: Well, I was cooking my egg, you see...
Ann Chovi: You killed them!
Roseidous: And suddenly, these robots come after me!
Ann Chovi: Those were my robots!
Roseidous: I thought they wanted to steal my egg!
Ann Chovi: Mine!
Roses: *ducks*
Roseidous: So, protecting my food, I kinda zapped 'em all. They just kept coming!
Ann Chovi: Robots don't eat eggs!
Ann Chovi: All of them?
Ann Chovi: There were fifty of them!
Roseidous: Yes, they tried repairing the ones I shot
Ann Chovi: That's what they do!
Roseidous: And so I shot them in turn, and more came to repair that one
Roseidous: There's a huge pile of them right over there....
Ann Chovi: And you killed them!
Roseidous: *points*
Ann Chovi: *kicks pile of dead robots*
Roses: this is just wonderful
Ann Chovi: Now we're stuck with Barry White and shag carpet

Roses: wait! isn't there cool whip in the spaceship?
Roseidous: *Bubba enters the room wearing one of Roseidous's speedos* Ohh yeah, Bubba man, you've got style!
Roseidous: Bubba: Quack quack.
Ann Chovi: There is cool whip there!
Roses: *jumps in, locks door*
Roses: get in Ann!
Ann Chovi: The door's locked!
Roses: *opens door*
Roseidous: *Both Bubba and Roseidous look at the girls* So, what ever shall we do's late at night...we're not going anywhere...
Ann Chovi: *jumps in the spaceship*
Roses: Ann and I will be in here, by ourselves
Roses: *locks door*
Roseidous: But, there's no bathroom in there!
Ann Chovi: We've got cool whip, and a pointy stick...
Roseidous: Or food.
Roses: *giggles* Ann! that's cold!
Roses: there is a kitchen in here
Roseidous: No, Bubba was in there awhile ago.
Roseidous: It isn't a kitchen anymore...
Roses: and a bathroom, remember, you used it on the way to the moonbase last time
Roses: but we still have cool whip
Ann Chovi: *sigh* Is there nothing of mine you don't destroy?!
Roseidous: Bubba used that too, after the kitchen...
Roseidous: Oh Cool Whip? As in the stuff you eat?
Roses: Ann! Get this stuff off of me! Got a towel? or you wanna lick it off again?
Roseidous: I thought you meant a whip that was cool!
Ann Chovi: Well, both, actually
Roseidous: As in pink and sparkily.
Ann Chovi: And wasn't there chocolate syrup here somewhere...
Roses: *pulls shades on windows so rosey and Bubba can't look in*
Roses: I like chocolate
Ann Chovi: Me too

Roseidous: Chocolate, cool whip, and two women with a pointy stick...that conjures very interesting imagery...
Roseidous: Ow! My pants are shrinking!
Roseidous: Oh, that's just my speedo...
Ann Chovi: The blue one?
Roses: or the gold one?
Roseidous: The Black leather one.
Roses: ooh, a new one
Roseidous: With steel studs.
Roses: is that um....comfortable?
Roseidous: It has a specially shape-adjusted interior.
Ann Chovi: Those steel studs must poke in all the wrong places
Ann Chovi: oh
Ann Chovi: But what if it gets wet?
Ann Chovi: Does it shrink?
Ann Chovi: Does it chafe?
Ann Chovi: Does the material breathe?
Roseidous: It vibrates
Roseidous: *points to little motor in back*
Ann Chovi: Gas powered?
Roseidous: Battery
Roses: *applauds ann*
Roseidous: If it were gas-powered...
Roseidous: It might explode.
Roses: that is true
Roseidous: And remove something very dear to me.
Ann Chovi: The hair on your bottom?
Roses: And very dear to sally, too?
Roses: by the way, we found your secret pictures of her in her underwear
Ann Chovi: *nod*
Roses: you shouldn't leave those pictures in your lockbox
Ann Chovi: *giggles*
Roseidous: Hey, don't be messing with my lockbox!
Roseidous: It has...special items in there!
Roseidous: Hey, why is my neck messager missing from my lockbox??
Roses: Bubba took that
Ann Chovi: He has back problems
Ann Chovi: And...stuff

Ann Chovi: *yawn*
Roseidous: No sleeping in a Tri-Leader meeting! *WHACK!*
Ann Chovi: Ow!
Roses: don't hurt people
Roseidous: It'll keep her awake.
Roseidous: *WHACK!*
Ann Chovi: Yeah, don't hurt people!
Ann Chovi: *POKE*