Tri-Leader Quotes

Ann Chovi has entered the room.
Ann Chovi: Hello!
Roses: where is he?
Ann Chovi: Well...
Ann Chovi: Hellbeast was hungry...
Ann Chovi: Sorry

Roses: he was eating peanut butter and jelly without the bread
Ann Chovi: That's not healthy
Roses: he said it was the new cocaine and he was getting high
Ann Chovi: Oh dear

Roses: he says he's afraid to come in here
Ann Chovi: We didn't prepare any traps for him
Ann Chovi: Yet
Ann Chovi: So what does he have to fear?
Roses: I don't know
Roses: I told him to bring Tails for protection

Roses: who has the gavel?
Roseidous: *hides gavel*
Roseidous: What gavel?
Roses: my gavel!
Roses: I gave it to Ann in Hawaii
Roseidous: I was...stolen. Yeah. By a hundred annonymous theives.
Roses: and somehow, you found it?
Roseidous: Found what? *looks innocent*

Roseidous: Bubba is a penguin.
Roseidous: Bubba is easily exitable.
Roses: I know that
Roses: lol, exitable
Roseidous: Bubba likes to say "Quack".
Roses: *points* the exits are to your right and left
Roseidous: I think the heat in this room is melting my brain.
Roses: no, it's your dinner

Roses: now where did she go?
Roseidous: Who?
Roses: Ann
Roseidous: You should know, she's YOUR split personality.
Ann Chovi: *baps Roseidous*
Roses: there she is!

Roses: I'm taking a quiz
Roses: "What your Lucky Charm?"
Roseidous: They all be tryin' ta steal me lucky charms!
Ann Chovi: *chases the little man in green*
Roses: here are the results:
Roses: Four-Leaf Clover
Roses: and then an advertisement about Depro-Provera shots
Roseidous: Lol, how...capitalist.

Roseidous: Anyone want some paste? Ann?
Roses: don't do it!
Ann Chovi: No paste!
Roseidous: Ann, honestly, I know you want some paste. It's good!
Roseidous: Mmmm, paste....pastey...uhh, paste....
Ann Chovi: Exploding paste?
Roseidous: No...
Roseidous: Peanut butter jelly paste.
Roses: can we market that?
Ann Chovi: To elementary schools
Roses: they already make the peanut butter and jelly combined in that jar
Roses: it's not very good
Roseidous: I think we do need another product line to compliment the oreos.
Roseidous: Peanut butter jelly paste! By the ton!
Ann Chovi: Art projects will never be the same
Roseidous: No, this isn't merely a cheap combination....this is a paste!

Ann Chovi: I want to play with power tools.
Ann Chovi: All I get is an X-Acto knife
Ann Chovi: Which wants my blood
Roses: it's violent
Ann Chovi: And evil!
Ann Chovi: It's trying to take over the world and everyday I have to stop it!
Roses: we can't have that sort of competition

Ann Chovi: I will name my first child Photoshop
Ann Chovi: Photoshop Johnson
Roseidous: And will you name your second child sweatshop?
Roses: you plan to marry someone with the last name Johnson?
Ann Chovi: No
Roseidous: Sweatshop Bob.
Roses: Pizzashop
Ann Chovi: I will, of course, not be the one changing my last name
Roses: oh
Ann Chovi: *nod*
Roses: Mrs. and Mr. Johnson
Ann Chovi: *nod*
Roseidous: Mr and Mrs. Crazy.

Roses: Ann, I told him you saw his birthday present and said he talks too much
Roses: apparently he doesn't care that you insulted him ;-)
Ann Chovi: Hellbeast must be munching on his leg again