Tri-Leader Quotes

A chat with John, Lord of Darkness, etc:

Roseidous: Ack!
Roses: yay!
John: Bwah!
Ann: Hello!
Roseidous: A chat!
Roses: everybody came!
Roseidous: Nooooo!
Ann: Bwah!

John: Oh, um, wait, this is obligatory:
John: Ahem
John: "Ha! I'm in a chat with all three Tri-Leaders at once!"
John: "::John trips::"
John: "::And falls::"
Ann: *and gets poked with a stick*
Roseidous: John...don't you think that that means we intend to kill you?
John: Ok, now that that's over with

Roses: so anyway, I took the "what does your car say about you" test
Roseidous: Your car talks?
John: Only if you don't shut it up
Roses: and my car says that "I am older than 34 of the 50 states"
John: Well, can't say it's not true...
Roses: Ann, yours is not an option on the list
Roses: you car doesn't speak
Ann: My car is the strong silent type

Ann: Once my grandpa got in the back seat and couldn't get back out again
Roses: he's still there?
Ann: We managed to wrestle him out
John: I'm hoping this was just "tag" wrestling
Ann: I couldn't drive around with him in the back seat
John: Well, now, that's not quite true...
John: There could actually be a lot of advantages to having an old man in your back seat
Ann: He'd begin to smell
Ann: worse
Ann: than he already did
John: You could install a shower!
John: Or hang up one of those pine tree thngs!
John: They're refreshingly pine-y
Ann: So I've heard

Ann: Ack!
Roses: literally?
Roses: or just because you're hot?
John: Gah! Then tak-
John: Uh...
John: Take them... on
Roseidous: I just want attention. *sniff*
Roseidous: It's gettin' hot in here...take off all your clothes! No, seriously, do it.

Roses: Hey, John, I was watching this show about the 80's, and they talked about 'Centerfold"
Roses: I thought about you
John: Centerfold!
Roseidous: I'm a centerfold.
Roses: that you are
John: ...Damn

Roseidous: John needs the ability to fly.
Roseidous: Have some drugs.
John: Ooooh! Like Penicillin?!
Ann: It's not nice to deal drugs
Roseidous: Yeah, made from real 100% penguins!
Roseidous: er...100% real penguins
John: I liked it better when it was real 100% penguins
Roseidous: Yes, well, that stuff's too good for you.

Roseidous: Look at me!
Roseidous: Oooh, reference. 2 million billion points for me!
John: Wait...
John: Seeing how I'm the defense on your behalf for that trial, the two million billion points go to me! Go me!
John: ...Us...
John: Yes, us
Roseidous: Wait, those are my points! I'm not sharing!
Roseidous: Give 'em back, glory-hog!
John: Oh, *fine*
John: Be that way!
Roses: I enjoy watching the two of you fight
Roses: because there's no telling who will win
John: I agree!
John: (It's always me)
Roseidous: If by me you mean me, then yes, it's me.
John: Yes. Me
John: Me me!
John: Me me me!
Roseidous: I agree. Me.
John: Me!
Roseidous: Me!
John: Me me me!
Roseidous: Me...look, a me!
Roseidous: *sneaks in a million me's.*
John: Me t-times INFINITY!
Roseidous: Me times everything you say +1!

Roses: so John, we all have *real* secret Tri-Leader symbols
Roses: I mean, we possess real ones
Roses: no, it's not a tattoo ;-)
Roseidous:'s not?
Roses: unless you embedded it in your skin, it's not
Roseidous: Then why the heck do I have Micky Mouse on my butt?!
Roses: that had nothing to do with me
Roseidous: Yes it did!
Roses: I don't even like Mickey Mouse

John: Your memories are slipping, old people!
John: ::Is young and spry::
John: ::Or at least young::
Roseidous: Spry?
Roseidous: Spry?!
Roses: only old people say words like "spry"
Roseidous: What the freaking spry is spry?!

Roseidous: Gimme my bottle!
Roses: I'm not feeding you again
Roseidous: But you promised!
Roses: did I?
Roseidous: After you got me drunk and had the tatoo put on!
John: Yep, that was Roses all right
Roses: okay, fine
Roseidous: Okay, whose turn is it to change my diaper? Feels like a wet one...
John: Ann's. Clearly.
Roses: (gets bottle)
Roses: you really want me to change your diaper? that sounds....kinky or something
Roses: well, which do you want first?
Roses: diaper or bottle?
Roseidous: Both! You're flexible, right?
Roses: not that flexible
Roseidous: Watch out, I'm a squirter.
John: I still say it's Ann's turn
John: For everything
John: Because she's not here
Roses: *votes for Ann*
John: And by them time she comes back, this will be too far up the window for her to see
John: Thus protecting me ::Nods::
John: Of course, if no one says anything, it'll be right there on the screen...

Roseidous: SmarterChild is a virtual whore.

John: Strumpet
Roseidous: Charlatan!
Roseidous: This is "throw random insults at each other" time, right?
John: Scarlet woman!
Roseidous: John, that just doesn't work
John: How about..
John: Hoochy momma!
Roseidous: Why are you stating the obvious about yourself?

Roses: John left!
Ann: Ack!
Ann: You killed him!
Roses: I did not