Tri-Leader Quotes

Roseidous: Wassup?
Roses: I'm currently in shock that you're talking to me. you?
Roseidous: I have eggs.
Roses: what kind?
Roseidous: Mushy
Roses: is that a good thing?
Roseidous: It is when you're me!
Roses: then I'm very happy for you
Roseidous: You should be. Want some?
Roses: sure!
Roseidous: *pelts house* Yay! You have mushy eggs now, too!
Roses: yay!
Roseidous: Let's celebrate! Naked dance time!
Roseidous: *dances naked*
Roses: *video tapes*
Roseidous: Yay! More naked dance time! *flop flop flop*

Roseidous: Oh, and tell Ann that I still want those kittens.
Roses: tell her yourself
Roseidous: I caaaaan't
Roses: why not?
Roseidous: Beeecaaaaause.
Roses: k, I'll tell her

Roses: Rosey wants your kittens
Ann: He still can't have them!

Roses: she says you can't have them
Roseidous: She lies!
Roses: you should confront her
Roseidous: I caaaaan't. You do it!

Roses: he says you're lying
Roses: why am I in the middle of this?
Ann: He fears my retribution?

Roses: why am I in the middle of this?
Roseidous: Beeeecaaaause.
Roses: you fear her retribution, don't you?
Roseidous: No, that's just silly. Just doooo it!
Roses: you shall confront her!
Roses: do not deny my invitation!
Roseidous: *denies*

Roseidous: I have denied you all! Mwhahahahahaha...waitaminute..!
Roses: okay, you're both here
Roses: 1, 2, 3, fight!
Ann: No fighting in the house!
Roses: I'll referee
Roses: watch out for his eggs
Roseidous: Yeah. They're mushy
Roses: he likes to throw them
Roses: and watch out for her pointy stick
Ann: Yeah, it's pointy
Roseidous: Wait, isn't Ann a girl? Did she have an operation?
Ann: I just sharpened it today!
Roses: not that kind of pointy stick
Roseidous: Put what else would you poke things with?

Roses: we must laugh evilly
Roseidous: Bwahahaha!
Roses: mwahahahaha!!!
Ann: Bwahahahaha!
Roses: oh, mine was wrong
Roseidous: *cough**hack*
Roses: I'm out of practice
Roseidous: Ha! You're the odd one out!
Roses: Bwahahahaha!
Roseidous: Everyone make fun of Roses now!
Roses: *hides in corner*
Roseidous: *points with pointy stick and laughs*
Roses: did you take that pointy stick from Ann?

Ann: *ties Roseidous to a tree*
Roses: hooray!
Roses: *gets duct tape*
Ann: I can find the Chicken. Will a duck work?
Roses: yes! *duct tapes duck*
Roseidous: *puts up anti-taping shield*
Ann: Too late!
Roseidous: *it's retroactive, too! Paid extra*
Ann: Blast

Roseidous: I'm at work, so I might go silent for stretches of time.
Roses: what are you working on? Project X?
Roseidous: That's for me to know, and you to bribe me with gifts to find out!
Roses: I don't have any gifts
Roses: *looks around*
Roseidous: Then you can't know
Ann: I have a stapler
Roseidous: I have two
Roses: I have some mushy eggs!
Roseidous: I have...wait, where'd they go?!
Ann: My stapler's hydraulic
Ann: *hides staplers*
Roses: *bribes with mushy eggs*

Roseidous: One [stapler] is tiny and one is big, and the big one is sometimes eman to the little one, so to get even the little one tricked the big one into stapling a stackof papers too think and he jammed.
Roseidous: mean *
Roseidous: thick *
Ann: *gasp*
Roses: I'm trying to read that sentence and it makes no sense to me
Roseidous: It's tragic, I know. The big one had to be rushed to the emergency room. The little one felt so bad about it afterwards.
Ann: And then I blew them up!
Roses: okay, I re-read it slowly and I got it now
Roseidous: Yes, I know my witty retorts are above reproach, it takes time for the sheer awesomeness to sink in, for it is beyond the capacity of any mere mortal.
Roses: either that, or it was the spelling
Roses: I need a drink. don't hurt each other while I'm not looking

Roseidous: My linguistic skills do leave one parched, do they not?
Roseidous: *head falls over from weight* Ow.
Roseidous: *gets out helium tank*
Ann: Maybe you should just cut it off
Ann: Save some strain on your neck
Roseidous: No no, this helps alleviate the weight.
Roses: what exactly are you inflating?
Roseidous: That's for me to know, and you to blush about!
Roseidous: ...wait, what are you inferring here exactly? *eyes Roses*
Roses: I'm not blushing
Roseidous: Well, then you'll never know
Ann: He's inflating his feet
Roses: that's a shame
Roseidous: Yes, to go boating
Roses: I thought it was to counter-balance the weight of your head
Roses: not boating
Roseidous: That was some mighty good Beef Fried Rice.
Roseidous: Oh, boating too
Roses: so your helium tank is well worth the money
Roseidous: Indeed
Roseidous: Only paid a shiny piece of tin to a kid in the Children's Ward for it.
Roseidous: Told him it was a Platinum Quarter, worth a quarter of a million dollars.
Ann: was a Platinum Quarter
Roses: you lied to a child?
Roses: and you gave him the real Platinum Quarter?
Ann: That's what I got you for Christmas
Ann: It also turns into a laser
Roseidous: Of course I didn't lie. There's no such thing as a platinum quarter, so whatever I make becomes a Platinum Quarter because I named it such, and it is worth a quarter of a anyone willing to pay that amount.
Roseidous: See? I totally like didn't lie.
Roses: like, totally
Roseidous: Except maybe that part about it being able to bring back his dead mom and dad and dog.
Roseidous: I really do think it could help with the dog, though.

Ann: I'm going to go upstairs and sneak some cheesecake
Roses: bring me some, too!
Ann: *salutes*
Roseidous: Don't not bring me any, either.
Roses: how do you not like cheesecake?
Roseidous: Hehehe
Roseidous: *celebrates tricking Roses*

Roseidous: I hereby declare myself ruler and emperor of the Trileaders.
Roses: you can't do that, we didn't vote
Roseidous: Apparently
Roseidous: Well, you already cast yours, Roses, and I cast mine, which means I win!
Roses: I didn't vote
Roseidous: Yes you did
Roses: when?
Roseidous: You didn't realize you were voting? Well, too bad, it's still legally binding and official!
Roses: we have this argument every time
Ann: I have veto power over any votes relating to electing a ruler and emperor of the Tri-Leaders
Ann: And I veto your votes
Roses: I didn't vote

Roseidous: don't remember giving up those rights to me for that cheesecake? Shame shame.
Ann: I remember setting a thousand weasels on you to knaw your kneecaps
Ann: Worse than just plain gnawing
Roseidous: Oh, the weasels I ate for dinner? Yeah, they weren't as frisky as I'd hoped.
Ann: No, those were the decoy weasels
Roses: I knew this would turn into a fight!
Roses: *takes kittens while no one is looking*
Ann: The elite weasels are right behind you!
Roses: *hides kittens*
Roses: neither of you will get them now!
Ann: Where did you hide them?
Roses: I can't say

Roseidous: Look here, I have proof: *plays audio tape* "Roses: woohoo! I stick vote his for emperor of the tri-leaders I likes yes!"
Roseidous: See?
Roses: wow
Roses: I think that's been tampered with
Roseidous: Which was followed by: "I need a drink."
Roseidous: Obviously, you're an alcoholic, but nonetheless must live with the consequences! So, I am leader!
Roses: what about Ann?
Roseidous: I have hers, too
Roses: her what?