The Pizza Boys

The Pizza Boys own their own Pizza Delivery Shop in town, but have since relocated to Hawaii.  They are old friends of the Tri-Leaders, but don’t believe in taking over the world.  In fact, they even occasionally become superheroes and try to stop the Tri-Leaders and John, but to avoid facing anyone’s wrath, they always deliver the pizza in twenty minutes or less. And they’re proud of it, too.


Age:  15
Home: Mommy’s House
Favorites: Mountain Dew, Video Games, Saving the World
Quote:  "Wooooooo!!!! Wahahahahaha!!!!!  Yaaaaaay!!!!"


Age:  15
Home: Town
Favorites: Logic, Rationality, Potato Chips
Quote: "Lumos Figgy Pudding!"


Age:  16
Home: Town
Favorites: Red hats, lower-case letters, Being on Time
Quote: "I want to go home!"


Age:  17
Home: Town
Favorites: Computers, Intelligence, Mixing his own Drinks
Quote: "Go away, we’re closed."


Age:  16
Home: Town
Favorites: Movies, Environmental Causes, Doing the Right Thing
Quote:  "Great Shyamalan’s Ghost!"