The Tri-Leaders

The Tri-Leaders are Ann, Roses, and Roseidous.  They are siblings, and one day, they plan to take over the world. How will they do this?  They have some Junior Tri-Leaders, some odd Associates that would scare anyone, and a variety of weapons.  Their most famous weapon is the Oreo cookie.  Eating one of Ann’s chemically enhanced cookies will transform a person into any object, animal, or celebrity imaginable.  Anyone who resists the Tri-Leaders must face Bubba, be thrown in the coal mines, or eat a cookie.


Age:  18
Home: Camp Milk and Cookies
Weapon of Choice:  Whip of Retribution
Favorites: Organization, Roses, Ribbon-dancing, Reading
Quote: "Son of a...John!"


Age:  17
Home: Fortress of Love
Weapon of Choice:  Charm
Favorites: Women, Himself, Hairbrushes, Bunnies
Quote: "Roseidous, you truly are a genius!"

Ann Chovi

Age:  18
Home: Moonbase
Weapon of Choice:  Oreos or Pointy Stick of Death and Destrucktion
Favorites: Sleeping, Cooking, Experiments, Computers
Quote: "You distract him and I’ll poke him with this stick."