The Superheroes




Name:  Claire Evans

Power:  Can see the future

Weakness:  Just wants to be normal

Costume:  Street clothes

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Laura (Ann)


Crystal Freeze

Name:  Madeline Quinn

Power: Produces ice

Weakness: strong heat

Costume: white leather outfit, white beanie

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Sydney


Dragon Girl

Name: Debra Gillick

Power: Transforms into a dragon

Weakness: King Kong

Costume: Black leather

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Dragon Girl




Name: Adriana Drew

Power: Super intelligence

Weakness: No powers

Costume: Street clothes

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Holly



Name: Eric Pudor

Power: Can walk around naked in public

Weakness: He's naked.  Yeah.

Costume: Tube Socks.

DOB:  July 23, 1983

Created by: Eric


Insipid Justice

Name:  Armand O’Shannon

Power: Insipidity

Weakness: is insipid

Costume:  All gray outfit, with a mask over his eyes.  “IJ” on his chest

DOB:  Unknown




Name: Unknown

Power: Inquisitive thinking and martial arts

Weakness: no superpowers

Costume: Black trench coat over black shirt, khaki pants, black boots, katana

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Umar


Jo Surf

Name: Joseph Surface

Power: Weather Control

Weakness: Afraid of the dark

Costume: Swimtrunks, Hawaiian shirt, longboard

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Lori


Midnight Chatter

Name:  Topher Gill

Power:  Talking causes people to fall asleep and things to explode

Weakness: Windex

Costume: 3D glasses, a long sleeve orange shirt, and a short sleeve blue shirt on top of that.  He has a blue towel attached around his neck like a cape.  On the back of the cape with a magic marker is written, "MC" for Midnight Chatter.  His pants are simple blue jeans, but he wears a pair of orange and blue Hawaiian print boxers over the jeans.  He has one tie-dyed sock and one blue sock, and black and white adidas with black with blue flames shoelaces.

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Topher




Name:  Unknown

Power: Shape shifter/advanced alien technology

Weakness: extreme cold

Costume:  is a llama

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Neomatrix




Name:  Cameron Keegen

Power: Controls metals

Weakness:  Splinters and sawdust

Costume: Black trenchcoat, sunglasses, black pedal pushers, and black shoes.

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Cameron



Name: Adam Hehr

Power: Four-dimensional abilities, telekinesis

Weakness: is very slow

Costume:  Blue tunic with a white O on the front, blue pants

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Adam



Oreo Avenger

Name: Anne Evans

Power: Produces shape-altering Oreo cookies, flight

Weakness: Sleep

Costume:  Dark brown pants (the color of an Oreo), a dark brown shirt with a big white "O" on the front, and a purple cape.

DOB:  June 18, 1982

Created by: Laura (Ann)



Name: Neary Djordje

Power: Blue suit allows her to stretch her arms/fingers.

Weakness: Olive oil disintegrates the suit

Costume: Blue bodysuit

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Pinzz



Name: Julian Firestone

Power: Focused energy can generate shockwaves

Weakness: is an immature kid

Costume:  gray jumpsuit with black trim, metal plates, gray gloves, and a bullet-shaped helmet with a red-tinted glass plate over the front.

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: John




Name: Katherine Devinne

Power: Intangibility

Weakness: Princess Maker 2, heh-ing

Costume: Bronze and blue metallic armor.

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Katherine


Right-Wing Man

Name:  Mattias Hydros

Power: Truth, Justice and the American Way.  And super strength

Weakness:  hopeless romantic, no critical thinking skills

Costume:  Cammo & Ammo, "Bush 4 President 4 Life" and Skull 'n crossbones armbands, $100 bill where flag stitch usually is on right arm of uniform, American Flag Cape, and cammo officer's cap

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Matthias


Rosma Galak

Name: Margaret Ann Reynolds

Power: Invisibility

Weakness: Fluorescent lighting

Costume: Long black dress, calf-high boots, silver cloak

DOB:  January 6, 1982

Created by: Margie


Saph Fyre

Name: Lylah Dixon

Power: Lights fires by reciting poetry

Weakness: blueberries

Costume: Blue dress, heels

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Lori



Scarlett Fyre

Name: Lori O. Dixon

Power: Fiery vocal talent, can morph into animals

Weakness: hot Scottish guys who sing, must come in contact with animals to become them, If she sings…she sets things on fire…

Costume: Smokin' red dress, sexy red heels

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Lori


Sticky Spectre

Name:  Liese Taylor

Power:  The human embodiment of tape, can shoot tape from her wrists

Weakness:  Unknown

Costume:  A black top with gray pants, all tears fixed with tape

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  John




Name: Jasper Roseidous

Power: Flight, super strength, chi powers

Weakness: Ego

Costume: Black and red Superman-like outfit, with yellow S on the chest, standing for Studmuffin.
DOB:  March 3, 1981

Created by: Jasy (Roseidous)




Name:  Patrick “PR” Crew

Power: Superspeed

Weakness: Slushees

Costume: green and yellow bodysuit

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  PR Crew



Super Shibes

Name: Eric Shiable

Power: Shadiness!  Crankiness!  Hairiness!  Dirtiness!  And Uncleanliness!

Weakness: Cleanliness

Costume:  : A dark blue t-shirt, with a double S emblem on it, underscored with the slogan “Standing for Truth, Justice, and the Shady Way!”  He also wears a ratty, dark blue cape, and baggy, dark blue pants.  There is an excessive amount of stubble on his face, which he takes great pride in.

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  John




Name:  Laticia “Lika” Maxwell

Power: Camouflage, stealth, and speed

Weakness: Water renders her visible

Costume: street clothes, preferably bright colors

DOB:  May 5, 1986

Created by: Liese




Name:  Charlotte “Charlie” Fyre

Power: Controls water

Weakness: Unknown

Costume:  Street clothes

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Charlie



Name:  George White

Power: being badass

Weakness: no superpowers

Costume:  Primary colored, generic super hero costume

DOB:  Unknown

Created by:  Laura (Ann)



The Violet Princess

Name: Victoria Grahm

Power: Illusions, Precognition

Weakness: Naivety, "But hot guys can't be evil!"

Costume: Purple leotard with skirt, knee-high boots, silver crown, purple hair

DOB:  May 19, 1982

Created by: Holly



Name: Ari Gabriels

Power: Possessed by a demon named Fred, who gives her powers

Weakness: Subservient to the demon who possessed her shadow

Costume: Street clothes

DOB:  Unknown

Created by: Lawren (Ilinana)



Name: John J. (last name unknown)

Power: X-Ray vision, can shoot lasers from eyes

Weakness: insatiable sex drive

Costume: Sleek black bodysuit with giant X, goggles of heroism.

DOB:  June 30, 1981

Created by: John






The Green Penguin

Name: Robert “Bubba” Adamski

Powers: Bubba Bad Touch (a powerful, crushing hug), snowball bombs, stomach sliding, flying
Weakness: Heat, chocolate

Outfit: None.  He’s a penguin


Bo Powers

Name: Bo Powers

Powers: Filthy rich, wonderful PR

Weakness: Mortal

Costume: Business suit- everything is slick, from his brown hair to his shoes. 


The Ferret

Name: Stan Sanchez

Powers: Bladed sombrero, and sombrero can shoot nacho cheese.  Jalapenos in nacho cheese knock people out.

Weakness: Water, especially cold water, and bland food

Costume: Yellow-orange jumpsuit, sombrero



Name: Vinnie Mortorelli

Powers: Weapons disguised as weapons (lipstick tube gun, compact mirror grenades)

Weakness: Incredible deals on clothing and ink spots

Costume: Tube top, mini skirt, fishnet stockings, but very brightly colored, like all super villains wear


Paper Kut

Name: William Joseph “Billy Jo” Shujumi

Powers: Origami expert- can make dangerously sharp weapons from paper.  Is also a giant squirrel.

Weakness: Mortal

Costume: A bandoleer



Loud Mouth

Name: Ian

Powers: His voice can reach 14 decibels on a bad day, and his voice can, on a good day, break the sound barrier. 

Weakness: Is a complete idiot.  And a stoner.

Costume: A baggy jacket, baggy pants, a snowcap, and, of course, a domino mask.


The Silencer

Name: Jim

Powers:  Completely silent.  It seems as if there is a field around his body, protecting any sound from coming in or getting out.  He is the ultimate stealth fighter.

Weakness: A bit on the quiet side

Costume: An overcoat, a backwards baseball cap, and a domino mask.

Magic Finger

Name:  Manos

Powers: Two miniature weapons systems in his hands, turning each of his fingers into a deadly weapon (machine gun, rocket launcher, flame thrower, etc.)

Weakness:  He’s just a human, his inner-manual weapons system is relatively fragile

Costume: Street clothes


The Super Model Clones

Powers: Men are powerless against them

Weakness: Water, mud, any natural byproduct of nature.  And fast food.

Costumes: Very fashionable!


The Big Kahuna

Name: Randall

Powers: Robotic tiki suit (advanced strength, flame throwers in fingers), Coconut Launcher

Weakness: Fire burns covering of robotic tiki suit; coconut milk shorts out robotics

Costume: Robotic tiki suit- seems to be covered with wood



The Head Honcho

Name: Unknown

Powers:  Super powers?  None.  But he’s powerful as hell.

Weakness: Unknown

Costume:  Street clothes.  He does look exactly like Brad Pitt, though.









Military Organization Representing the Powers-that-be and Have Zap-guns


General Jeff  Sampson- Director of M.O.R.P.H.Z.  In charge of, well, everything.  Jeff wears two eye patches- not because he needs them, but because they look “cool.”  Usually, the eye patches had a heads-up display, so that he can see what’s going on, although, sometimes, this doesn’t work.  Jeff is not an easy guy to figure out- he seems both okay, and somewhat slippery at the same time.  Perfect for someone in the employ of the US government!  His code name, whenever he needs to be called by it, is “Wyrmlock.”


Agent Rachel Morgan-Wall- One of M.O.R.P.H.Z. top field agents, and the C.O. at the military base Zone 91.


Agent David Ruskey- One of M.O.R.P.H.Z. top field agents, and usually Agent Morgan-Wall’s partner on missions.  Likes zap-guns.  A lot.


The Five- an elite M.O.R.P.H.Z. task force, called in only for the most serious operations.  The members operate under the self-assigned codenames of Kasu, Laika, MooCow, Tajar, and Toraes. 


Agent Raley- A chopper pilot, she fought the Green Penguin during his second rampage on the city.


Agent Bloom- An agent on-site during the aftermath of the Green Penguin’s return


Agent Steve Fulloschitz- A M.O.R.P.H.Z. agent posing as a casting agent, he was X-Raytor’s contact during the second Green Penguin fiasco.



Dr. John Lansky: a psychiatrist, who many of the Justice Leaguers go to (primarily X-Raytor).  He seems a little arrogant, but is not that bad of a person.  He graduated from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (if you cared) and he is, unbeknownst to the Justice League, writing a book on super hero psychology.


Johnny: Bo Power’s PR man


Phil: Owns an “antique” shop in South Side, the city’s underworld hub.  He is Isomorphix’ primary underworld contact, and other Justice League members have consulted him too, on occasion.


Phabio: real estate agent, who specializes in previously evil real estate.  He sold Scarlett her cabin, and continues to pop up in the Justice Leaguers’ lives.


The Hot Scottish Guy, Eli Woods: two of Scarlett’s boyfriends, both dead now.  The Hot Scottish Guy was working for Bo Powers, and Eli Woods (although he could turn into a mouse) was innocent.  Scarlett feels guilty for both of their deaths.


Marvin Cringle: A friend of X-Raytor’s, he owns a bar.  Marvin dyed his hair green to be trendy.  His sweater is tucked into his pants, and he talks like Elmer Fudd, with a Southern accent (he was referred to as a “Yokel”).  It is likely that he is not a friend of X-Raytor’s, but that X-Raytor has been to his bar a few times (most likely before rehab).


Fat Tony:  A crime boss, he is one of Iso’s connections.


Boyd Billeh:  A representative of Damonaghan and Billeh, he is in charge of the Justice League’s public image.


Seraphina Braddock:  Writer for The Sentinel, the City’s leading newspaper.  Also X-Raytor’s cousin.


George White:  Writer for The Sentinel.  Posed as Typho, a superhero, in order to get the story of the year.


Captian Davy Seabiscuit:  Captain of the Yacht of Justice.