Kut Kastle II and Problems With Neo

"Where is my leather jacket?!" Crystal whined. Something she was always doing.

"Check the closet?" Violet said. She, like everyone else, was hurrying to get dressed in his or her costume. Pinzz was dressed and waiting smugly. She only had to click her ear to get into suit.

Twisk had pulled one of her many bandanas over her head. She would work on creativity later. The League was on its way to Kut Kastle again, to see what they could find.

"People! We need two groups. Fighters, and...observers in case of needed assistance group.." Pinzz said. "Okay. I, of course, will be in the fighter group. Crystal, you too…and…Twisk? Dragon Girl, Scarlett, Studmuffin? You guys come, too.”

"Why can’t I come?" X Raytor asked.

"Your powers aren’t to good for hand to hand combat, XY."

"Not that you aren’t needed. You are an asset to the team. Right, Pinzz?" Twisk said.

"Yeah, no one is more important than anyone. We have the fighters, and then we have the brainy people. Where would us dumb losers be without you guys?"


We approached Kut Kastle.

"Ok. You guys hang back, we are going in." Pinzz said through her walkie-talkie.

"Ok, Pinzz." X-Raytor said.

The fighter team spread out, securing themselves at different part of the castle.

"Ready, on three, we go in. 1, 2.....3!" Pinzz yelled.

There was a crashing noise as doors broke down. She immediately shot her fingers to attach to the roof. Better safe then sorry. There was nothing in the main room.

"He's hiding." Dragon Girl said.

"Better check the rest of the Kastle," Scarlett said.

The others agreed and headed off into different rooms.

"Watch out for booby tra-" Pinzz was about to yell when she heard:

"Got him!" from someone. "Kitchen!"

She ran towards kitchen and went inside to see Kut was sitting at the table, sipping coffee.

"That was way to easy." Twisk said.

"Ok. Kut, you have to answer some questions. Why the letters?" Pinzz demanded.

"To lure you here. I have traps for every power. Pinzz you have a certain power, and so does Scarlett, Dragon Girl, Raven, and everyone. I had booby traps set for everyone. I gave up when you got two new members, Crystal and this feisty one here." he said, nodding at Twisk. "I thought I had the Justice League. Sadly no, I didn’t. But you can go now."

"Yeah, right, he is so..." Twisk started. Arrows flew her way. She ducked quickly.

"Oh, man. This place is rigged!" Crystal yelled.

Flame shot out of the wall next to her. She moved, but it caught her sleeve. She froze it before it could burn through the cloth.

Kut was laughing as he squirted olive oil at Pinzz. A little caught her on her shoulder and her liquid like suit started melting. "Ah man, oh man, he got me with the oil, you guys!" she yelled. But that didn’t stop her from charging at him and punching him. A few hits was all it took.

"My suit’s gone guys. But I have Kut!" she yelled. "We gotta get out of here."

Twisk jumped on a water-formed hoverboard and glided quickly out of the room.

"Come on. Out front." she yelled. She came back to the kitchen, her water board disappeared, and she jumped off. A huge bubble came out of her mouth, and came around Kut. She and Pinzz started rolling him out.


Back at the Hall of Justice, Pinzz looked like she was starting to fall apart. The suit had been some kind of symbiote. Since it had parted from her, Pinzz looked like hot rubber; her skin was drooping, the blue that was usually in her veins was gone.

Neomatrix didn't know what could be done to save her. His computer said her suit had come from some rock. She had picked it up, and it spread over her body. This was new. He asked her for a blood sample, which she agreed to, being too sick to argue. He put it into the small medi-lab on the ship. The computer scanned it. It said that her cells had bonded with this blue substance, and that the olive oil had the effect of attacking the cells and ripping, apart the blue substance. Unfortunately for Pinzz, the blue substance had blended with her cells. All of the cells in her body were starting to deteriorate. Neo went to find Paper Kut.

"What did you spray on Pinzz?”

He smiled "Olive oil.”

"That wasn't ordinary olive oil; there was some kind of additive in it, to do that to Pinzz."

He smirked "I'll never tell you what it was."

"Oh really, because I just happen to have a virus, AZ-94, I believe it is similar to what you call bubonic plague. But this is different. It eats your lungs very slowly, very painfully, you start to choke on your own blood, but this lasts for about a month because it allows you time to regenerate. So then it has more to eat, your body eventually dies, because it has been put under too much stress."

"Your bluffing." he said.

"I'm not finished, after it starts to attack your lungs, it makes you start to throw up, but it is enhanced, by acids produced by the virus, so it eats away your esophagus, and you are unable to eat, and you also start to starve. Then when you are wishing for death after the first hour, giant sores start to form, they drain even more blood, and then they start to fester. After about a week they will explode, causing much pain, not to mention filling the air with an unbearable stench that causes you to gag and restricting your breathing. It is a slow, horrible, and painful death. Now do you want to tell me?"

He looked scared "I don’t believe you."

“Then you leave me no choice.” Neo wrapped him with bonds, and then injected the virus into his bloodstream. "We'll see how eager you become to answer my questions after the first day."


Xiao sat, thinking about the capture of Paper Kut, when Fred interrupted her thoughts.

"You should get that Paper Kut for me..." He said, grinning. "Just think how his evilness would increase my powers!"

"Yeah well, as much as I'd love to help you, master, he's in a force field because of that weirdo Neomatrix, okay? And I don't exactly have superpowers that can break through that field. Not to mention if I killed him, Pinzz might die."

"And that's a bad thing?" Fred asked, catching her off guard. "I thought you hated Pinzz."

"Well, yeah, but...having her die? And as much as the others dislike her, I don't think they'd be pleased with me killing one of them."

"It's not like you'd really be killing her. Just...speeding up the process by denying a cure," Fred said innocently. "Besides, after they get answers from him, what are they going to do with him? Let him go? Hardly. Kill him? What a waste, when I could use him..."

Xiao looked around to see if anyone was listening. "Okay Fred, let's say they can't get that cure from him. I might be able to get Neomatrix to let me try to persuade him if they can't... And if they do, maybe I can get in before they get rid of him. I mean, who's going to care if there's one less villain? Yeah..."

"That's the spirit, slave," Fred smiled, then reshaped into her own shadow.

"What could it hurt?" Xiao muttered, then went inside.


“Alright Kut, you ready to talk, or do I need to catalyze the disease? What was that additive?” Neo demanded.

He was in almost as bad shape as Pinzz. "I-I, will tell you, just cure me of this."

“Tell me first.”

"All right, I found a sample of the blue rock that gave her the powers. I analyzed it, and I found that if you added a certain protein to a certain genetic sequence, it would cause the cells to produce an enzyme, which would start chemical reactions that would destroy the cell. I found that there was also a certain compound that would destroy the enzyme and stop the deterioration process.”


"You give me my antidote and I'll give you hers."

"I want the chemical formula for that compound! Refuse and you will die!"

"So will she."

"She will die first, and I will make sure you live for years in a hell on earth and I will rip you to pieces with my bare hands moments before you die."

Paper Kut gave in. "It is C6 H22 O6."

“That is sugar.”

“Yes, now give me my antidote." he said.

Neo considered. “I think I will test yours first.”

He administered some sugar to Pinzz, and the result was almost immediate. The skin that had fallen off suddenly was absorbed back into her and she was whole again.